To all of Lynne’s Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I have to announce the passing of our dear friend Lynne Palmer. After a long struggle to get back from a fall she suffered last year, complications set in and she passed away March 18, 2023 at 425 am.

She was much loved.

Lynne enjoyed a full life and loved being an impact to all her friends and clients over the years. She took her work seriously, and loved helping others reach their goals and their potentials.

Her friend Karin, has taken over her company, and will seek to continue the Astrological Almanac as Lynne’s Legacy.

W elcome to the World of Astrology and Horoscopes! My name is Lynne Palmer and for those who might not know me I have been a Professional Astrologer since 1957. On my site you will learn about my past as well as my current endeavors. You will be able to visit and learn about my services offered: books, C.D.s and personalized horoscopes. I also have included testimonials from some of my many star clients. I have included Web Links allowing you to visit other special friend’s sites. I have attempted to make your experience on the site informative and enjoyable.


Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. In my Astrological Almanac for 2020---under the category: Avoid: Travel By Air, is listed January 25-28.
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