I was in Los Angeles in 1957 at a nightclub where Billie Holiday, the singer was performing. When I first met Billie, I was 17 years old and we immediately became friends. In fact, I had spent a day with her in a bungalow she rented and I sat in the dining room and watched her in the kitchen cooking heroin (with a spoon) over the stove. She gave me a long lecture on the evils of drugs. When she finished preparing her heroin, Billie put it into a needle, excused herself and went into the bedroom to inject the heroin into her leg.

Over the years, I saw Billie whenever she appeared in a nightclub in Los Angeles. At that time I was a dancer and model. Once I learned astrology. I would tell her about her chart. On this one occasion, I saw her on her closing night. She told me she was going to San Francisco to work. I told her she would be busted for drugs while there. Later, I read in the newspaper she was arrested for possession of drugs--and it was on the date I told her.

In the May 8, 1981 issue of OGGI (An Italian magazine published in Milan, Italy), the interviewer asked me about the horoscopes of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The wedding was to take place July 29, 1981. He wanted to know if they were compatible. I told him that they were not compatible and the marriage would not last.

GLENN CLOSE came to my apartment in New York City for a reading. At that time she was a Broadway star and had made only one movie. I told her that in one year, she would be nominated for an Oscar for her role in The World According To Garp, but that she would not win. I, also, told her that from that time on, her career would spiral upward. She was nominated but did not win the Oscar. However, her career did skyrocket with many movies, She was nominated for an Oscar many times over the years, but never yet winning an Oscar.

In 1987, Francine Katzenbogen came to my apartment in New York City for a reading. She was a cat lover who had 20 cats. She wanted to win the lottery so she could charter an airplane and move the cats with her to Los Angeles. I gave her the dates in 1988 when she could win the lottery. She won $7 million in the New York State lottery on the date I gave her. A year later she bought a million dollar estate in Los Angeles for her and the cats.

In 1984, Ruth Brown, a legendary Blues singer came to my apartment in New York City for a reading. It was the first time we met and her first time to go to an astrologer. Her friend, the singer Doris Troy, told Ruth that she should get her horoscope done by me. I told her that her horoscope showed that she was going to do comedy on the stage and as an actress in a movie. She disagreed by saying, "Who me? I am a singer not a comedian or actress." Then I told her she was going to record a gospel album (she was known as Miss Rhythm--an R & B singer). Ruth said she had recorded one in 1961 and that it never was released.

The main reason she wanted her horoscope done was because she was offered to star in the musical "Black and Blue" and she was uncertain about taking the part. It was to open in Paris, France and she did not want to go there. I looked at her horoscope and told her it would be very beneficial for her to go. She had doubts and over-and-over again I repeated to her how fortunate it would be for her to go. Finally, I pointed my finger at her and practically yelled, "You have to go! The show and you will be a smashing hit!!"

Ruth took my advice, went to Paris , the show opened and it was so successful that it was held over for eight months when it was contracted for one month. By the way, she did comedy in the show when she teamed up with Linda Hopkins.

The next time I saw Ruth was three years later. After she returned from Paris, she did many off-Broadway shows as an actress doing comedic roles and played the comedy role of Motormouth Maybelle in the movie "Hairspray.”

Because my predictions had come true, in November 1988, Ruth came to see me for another reading. The "Black and Blue" musical was in rehearsal; they were preparing to open on Broadway. The show starred Ruth Brown, Linda Hopkins and Carrie Smith. She wanted to quit the show because Linda Hopkins was constantly upstaging her and was behaving unprofessional on the stage (Note: this was true because I saw the show many times after it opened and it was shocking to see Linda Hopkins doing things that were not part of the show. For example, in the middle of singing with Ruth, Linda would stop singing, take her shoes off, and throw them out to the audience and then join Ruth to continue singing in the act.)

I had to talk Ruth into fulfilling her contract with the show. I told her she would win many Awards during the run of "Black and Blue. However, I did tell her that she would open in Previews (which ran for 32 days) but she would not open on January 26, 1989 (the Official Opening Night date). Also, I told her she had many health issues such as high cholesterol and that she needed to see a doctor and change her diet.

During the time of the "Black and Blue" previews, Carrie Smith a singer in the show came to me for a reading. Meanwhile, Ruth did not see a doctor like I suggested or change her diet. Carrie Smith called me on January 26, 1989 and told me that Ruth had come to the theatre for the Official Opening Night but had turned purple, wasn't feeling well, could not go on and instead went to the hospital. At the hospital she was put into intensive care. Tests were made, her health issues were an angina attack, high blood pressure, Edema, pulmonary pneumonia and her cholesterol was 400.

In February, Ruth resumed her role on Broadway at the Minskoff Theatre. At that time I predicted she would win the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical and there would be many awards during the run of the show. In May 1989, she won the Outer Circle Critics Award, in June she won the Tony Award. A little later she won the W.C. Handy (Father of the Blues) Award for keeping the Blues Alive, and almost every week Ruth received many Humanitarian awards. The "Black and Blue" show was recorded and I told her she would win a Granny Award for the Album--which she did!

The show "Black and Blue" closed January 20, 1991. During the time that Ruth was performing in it, the Gospel album she had recorded was released after 28 years of being shelved.

I also predicted, during the time she was performing in "Black and Blue" that she would be invited to sing at The White House. Ruth sang there on December 13, 1990 when George H.W. Bush was President. Years later Ruth sang there again when Bill Clinton was President.

I also predicted that she would perform in a TV sitcom; she did and be in another movie. It turned out to be a Disney film, "True Identity" set at that time for future release. I told her she would be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which came to pass. Ruth moved to Hollywood and gave me her address. I told her that it was an unlucky address; she would not be there for long due to shocks, upheavals and an unexpected move. The 1994 earthquake in the Los Angeles area caused Ruth to move suddenly--the apartment and building she lived in was demolished, her dog was killed and her son Earl had to come and rescue her.

A few years later, Ruth wanted me to update her son Ronnie’s chart, because her son's fiancé was pregnant. (Note: In a man's horoscope, it often indicates when a child can be born.) I told Ruth that it looked like October 2nd, A few days later; Ruth called to tell me that the doctor gave them a due date of October 2nd, which came to pass.

In December 1965, Mickey Rooney was in New York City performing at Lou Walter's "Latin Quarter" nightclub. He was very depressed (unlike him) and called me to tell me about his dilemma. His wife, Barbara was in their home in Brentwood, California living with her lover, the actor Milos Milosevic. She wanted to divorce Mickey and keep their home and four children. Mickey was still in love with Barbara and did not want to give her the house so she could live with Milos.

Mickey gave me her birth data so I could do her horoscope. However, he did not know her time of birth, so I sent for her birth certificate. Once I received it, I did her horoscope and told Mickey: "Barbara's horoscope is completely afflicted. Every planet is making bad aspects. The houses of the horoscope which represent different departments of life are all in opposition to one another. This means that she has a conflict which causes her to be torn between two highly desirable things in this mental tug-of-war a choice between them forces her to give up one for the other. She can't have her cake and eat it too. I have never seen such an afflicted chart with so many conflicts. I don't see how anyone could live through this."

Then I told Mickey that his chart was also afflicted with shocks, upheavals, radical and drastic changes-- plus many other bad aspects. Both horoscopes were bad in January 1966; the worst date for both was January 30, 1966. When Mickey’s show closed at the club in New York City, I begged him not to go to California. I told him that if he did go, he should NOT see or talk to her on January 30th. I gave him a typed page with all the bad dates as well as January 30th underlined and in caps. Mickey did not listen to me. He went to California and went to the hospital to be treated for an intestinal bug (infection) that he got when he went (1965) to the Philippines to make a movie.

On January 30, 1966, Barbara went to the hospital to see Mickey. He did not know she was wearing a device to record their conversation. She told him how she wanted the divorce, house and children and to live with Milos. Mickey cried and begged her to reconsider. At that time her mental conflicts were in full swing ---whether to stay with Mickey or go with Milos. Before leaving the hospital room she told Mickey that she would stay with him. (To show how Barbara's conflict worked-- when she started the conversation, she chose divorce but in the end she swung the opposite direction and chose to stay married.)

Barbara went to their Brentwood home and knew that earlier the maid had put the children in bed. However, in the living room was Milos, her lawyer and some female friends. She informed them she was going to stay with Mickey and then she played the tape for them. After they heard the tape, Milos told Barbara that he wanted to see her in the bedroom, thus, the guests all thought they were going to make love--so they left.

The next day, a female friend knocked on the door and, when she did not receive an answer; she took a screwdriver and broke open the door. In the master bathroom, she found the body of Milos slumped over Barbara’s body. Milos had used Mickey's (he kept for protection) gun to shoot Barbara under the chin and himself in the temple. That night Mickey called me and asked me, "You knew, didn't you? You told me that you did not know how anyone could live through the aspects Barbara had in her horoscope."

I replied, “Mickey I did not know that was going to happen. When I told you about those conflicts, I never thought of death or murder. I just could not imagine how anyone could live with so much mental anguish."

Billy Rose was a producer, showman, and songwriter. He was the first person to put an elephant on a Broadway stage, to have a water ballet (the Aquacade at the New York World's Fair) and a theater-restaurant. A Broadway theater was named after him. He was a billionaire.

I was introduced to Billy by friends. He had never had a horoscope done and asked me to do his chart. I was young and felt intimidated by who he was, so I typed his chart (the only one I ever typed) and sent it by courier to his townhouse in New York City. Billy read it, called me and said, "It was very interesting. You said some bad things about my character but you were right about everything. I want you to come over and talk to me."

That started weekly sessions because he liked the fact that I understood him better than anyone. We talked about everything--his accomplishments and marriages (Fanny Brice was his first wife; also he was married to Eleanor Helm, the champion swimmer and two other wives.) Billy was always concerned about his health. He wanted to know when he was going to die. I explained that it was not possible to tell that from a horoscope, because the 8th house of death also represented many other things. Inquisitive Billy, asked “What are they?"

I answered, "Debts, taxes, loans, money of others, people owing you money, mortgages, inheritance, insurance, investments." Billy replied. “I don't pay taxes because I have a foundation. I am not in debt and no one owes me any money. My insurance is paid up. I do not borrow or loan money. I do not have any mortgages. My investments are good (Billy was the largest single-share owner of IT & T stock, had a ticker tape in his home and never lost on the stock market). Inheritance is out of the question."

Billy told me he was having trouble walking due to leg cramps. I told him to see a doctor. He called Lyndon Johnson at the White House who recommended a doctor. Photo (not x-rays) were taken of his legs while he smoked a cigarette (he was a chain smoker). After various tests, the doctor told him that the cigarettes were causing a problem with his lungs, constriction in his veins and his arteries were clogged in his thighs, ankles and lower leg.

A year before his death, Billy called me and said as a result of the tests he had stopped drinking coffee (he was an addict) and smoking cigarettes. But the pain was still unbearable when he walked. He asked me to look at his horoscope to see how it would be for him to have arterial surgery. I told him NOT to have the surgery. Billy asked me when his bad dates were, so I gave them to him. I told him the worst date for his well-being was February 10, 1966.

He went to Houston, Texas. On December 8, 1965, Dr. Michael DeBakey (a well-known cardiovascular surgeon) performed an arterial operation. The surgery was a cardiovascular process involving the abdominal arteries. The operation consisted of a replacement with a macron graph the artery which connects the aorta--the main trunk supplying blood to most of the body---with the arteries of both legs.

The operation weakened Billy. He went back to New York City in the cold of winter. Two months after the operation, Billy caught a cold and needed to recuperate so he took a plane to his estate in Montego Bay, Jamaica which was a warmer climate.

His illness worsened and he was admitted to a nursing home which within twelve hours Billy died of lobar pneumonia. The date of his death was February 10, 1966---the date which I told him was the worst for his health.


In 1973, I taught a class in New Jersey using President Nixon's horoscope as a lesson. I predicted he would resign in 1974--he did on August 9, 1974. The press interviewed me and the newspaper headline read “Nixon Faces More Woes."

In December 1979, I taught a class on Mundane Astrology which consisted of each country’s horoscopes (when they gained their independence) and cycle charts. Gail Howard, a commodity broker attended the class, because she thought it could be helpful to her business if she knew what I had to say about world affairs. She did not have any knowledge of astrology. Gail asked me if I could predict when Gold would go up. I looked at the United States horoscope and gave her a date in January 1980. It went up to its highest point on the date I gave her. Also, I gave other dates but said they would not be as high as the January date.

Gail took a chance on the dates and sent me a letter saying "Lynne Palmer gave me 10 winning Gold trades in the Commodity Futures market in 1980---and not one loser. Trades based on closing price with $25.00 trailing stop, risking only $2500.00 for a net profit of $75, 380.00. Astrology has made a believer of me."

In February 1980 Gail asked me if she could bring another commodity broker to the class. That broker came to my classes and started using my gold dates in his deals. He told the gold commodity brokers in London about me and they began calling him. They asked him “What does Lynne Palmer predict on gold for today?"

In the December 1979 Mundane astrology class, I predicted that on March 29, 30 or 31, 1981, there would be an assassination attempt on President Reagan but that he would survive. He was shot on March 30, 1981 and was not killed.

In the January 1980 Mundane astrology class, I predicted that Iran and Iraq would go to war in September 1980. It started on September 22, 1980 when Iraq invaded Iran. I also predicted that the hostages in Iran would not be released in 1980. They were released January 1981.The students asked me, "Would the USA get involved with the Iraq-Iran war?"

I answered "No." And I went on to say that Kuwait’s involvement would cause Kuwait to be heavily damaged,"--and it was.


In my Astrological Almanac I list categories with dates, which consist of the Best date or an Avoid Date regarding each category. The following events that transpired were taken from the Astrological Almanac:


  • Feb 26, 1993, the bombing of the New York City World Trade Center;
  • Sep 11, 2001, the bombing of the New York City World Trade Center---the building was demolished, thousands killed
  • March 11, 2004, 3 commuter trains bombed in Madrid, Spain, 190 people died, 1,400 injured.
  • In 2000: Yemen, Jan 18, Mar 3; Spain, Feb 11, 13; Yugoslavia Feb 29, Mar 2; India, Mar 3, 21, May 19, 20, Jul 24, Aug 2, Oct 1; Indonesia, Jun 1; Georgia, Jun 2; Namibia, Jun 2, Nov 19; Sierra Leone, Jun 8; Greece, July 20; Angola, Jul 24; Columbia, Aug 2, Sep 17; Guinea, Sep 13, 15, 30; Tajikistan, Oct 2; Uganda, Oct 4; Ecuador, Oct 12; Bosnia, Oct 14;
  • On October 12, 2000, the Gulf of Aden in Yemen, the U.S. Naval Destroyer "Cole" was docked for refueling and two terrorists on a suicide mission, were in a small boat loaded with ammunition. Their boat pulled alongside the “Cole" and exploded. As a result 39 Americans were wounded ,17 killed and many were missing; Yemen, Oct 13, an explosion at the British Embassy--a bomb had been thrown over the wall but did not hit the Embassy building nor injure anyone; South Africa, Oct 19; Sri Lanka, Nov 19; Jordan, Dec 31; Thailand, Dec 31.
  • In 2001: Jakarta, Indonesia Sep 23, Algeria, Oct 3, Philippines Oct 13, December 1, Madrid, Spain-car bomb explosion and on same date car bomb Madrid, Spain other bombings in Jerusalem and Mali.
  • In 2004: Sep 9, Jakarta, Indonesia, many people killed and buildings severely damaged.

Avoid Strikes:

  • 1983, March 1, New Jersey Transit Strike lasted one month.
  • March 8, New York City Transit Strike lasted six weeks; these were bad dates to call a strike because the strike would last a long time.

Avoid Fires: February 21, 1988, a huge Fire in New Jersey; March 15, 1988 an Oil truck on expressway in Brooklyn cause a huge fire. March 22, a hotel fire in New York City.

Avoid falls: January 21, 1988, in New York City, a small boy climbed on a roof and fell to his death.

Mercury Retrograde: October 18 to November 8, 2000. The United States Presidential Elections were on November 7. This was a bad time for an election. The planet Mercury represents the conscious mind, mental activities, indecision, paperwork, tickets, ballots and causes confusion and mistakes are easily made. A good example in how it can work (how things can go wrong) is the November 7, 2000 U.S. Presidential election. The problem was in Florida--the ballots were confusing and the votes had to be counted and recounted. It took more than a month and the Supreme Court stepped in and made the decision.

Shows: To Open---It is the first opening that counts--Broadway Previews are the correct opening date; if a show does not have Previews then it is the Official Opening Date that counts. It was announced that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton would open on Broadway for a limited engagement in "Private Lives." The previews were April 28, 1983 and the official opening date was May 8, 1983.

These dates were not listed in my Astrological Almanac under the good dates for shows to open. When the play first opened, it was announced that their engagement would be extended for one month beyond the closing date. I saw the play and thought, like others did, that it was excellent. Not even Taylor-Burton could bring in the public in the way the producers anticipated. The public was notified at the end of June that the play would close, and not be extended, due to a loss of attendance. Note: This could have been avoided if the play had opened at the right time astrologically.

Avoid Accidents:

  • 2000, Mar 15, Kansas, Amtrak train derailed.
  • 2001: Jan 21, NYC, car and bus collided; Apr 3, St. Louis, 4 oil barges collided; New Jersey, truck with oil accident; Denver, railroad car tanker explosion; West Virginian Amtrak train derailed; Apr 4, New Haven, Connecticut, freight train derailed; Apr 28, on the east coast Amtrak train derailed; May 31, NYC, subway train derailed; Jun 6, NYC, inside wall of building collapsed; Jun 7, Long Island, New York, deck collapsed at a cocktail party at a country club.
  • 2001: Jan 21, New York City area, car and bus collided; Jan 26, interstate highway, near Joliet, Illinois, a Salvation Army van and tractor trailer collided (10 people killed); Feb 1, Los Angeles, 2 cable cars collided; Feb 5, Syracuse, NY, an Amtrak train and a freight train crashed into each other; Feb 15, Oklahoma, a 30 car pileup on the icy roads; Mar 17, Iowa, an Amtrak train derailed; Apr 27, Canada, school bus crashed; Oct 3, Manchester, Tennessee, Greyhound Bus crashed when a passenger slit the driver's throat with a razor.

Avoid Travel by Water: 2000, Sep 26, a ferry boat ran aground and crashed into a reef off the island of Paros in Greece (53 dead, people missing). The captain and crew were arrested because they were watching television when the accident occurred. 2007. Apr 5: A Greek cruise ship in Santorini, Greece crashed into reefs 1,400 passengers survived, 2 were missing,

Avoid Danger----Bombs, Earthquakes, Explosions, Hurricanes (this category includes floods, volcanic eruptions, tornados, dangerous sports, insect attacks such as wasps and locusts).

  • 1998: Mar 29, Fiji Islands, earthquake; several tornados in south-central Minnesota and near Maxville, Wisconsin; Apr 1, earthquake off the coast of southern Chile; May 3, earthquake in southwest Taiwan.
  • 2003: May 4 to May 8---280 tornados caused disaster, destruction of property, towns demolished and people killed in Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Toronto, Canada.
  • 2001: Jan 17, earthquake in NYC; Jan 26, near Hyderabad, India with more than 50 high-rise buildings reduced to rubble, over 100,000 people killed, many injured and left homeless; Feb 8, another earthquake in India; Feb 17, earthquake in El Salvador.
  • 2005, London, England, bomb and explosions on buses and trains. Aug 25, the hurricane KATRINA hit Florida (6 people killed) and continued on its path of destruction, On Aug 29, it laid waste to parts of Mississippi and Louisiana. It almost demolished New Orleans.
  • 2006: Oct 15, an earthquake occurred in the Hawaiian Islands. Oct 20, an earthquake occurred in Peru and Turkey.

Avoid Air Travel: Note, I am not listing all of the crashes, just those that received a lot of news coverage. To read about more Airplane accidents, my annual Astrological Almanac lists them. I quit keeping track of them after 2004.

  • 1982: Jan 13, Washington. D.C.; Feb 4, Africa; Feb 9, Japan; Sep 13, Spain.
  • 1983: Jan 16, Turkey; Mar 13, Venezuela; May 22, Frankfurt, Germany, Canadians performing in an air show landed on highway and the plane hit cars on road, people killed, pilot jumped to safety; Jun 22, Air Canada emergency landing in Cincinnati, fire broke out on board, 30 people were burned to a crisp; Sep 1, Korean jet left USA, shot down by Russia.
  • 1985: Sep 15, Beirut plane hijacked, hostages held; Dec 13, U.S. Military plane crashed in Newfoundland, 250 people killed; Nov 23, Egyptian jet hijacked, hostages held.
  • 1987: May 9, Polish aircraft disaster, everyone killed; Jul 10, a helicopter and cargo plane crashed into a restaurant near Mexico City, 35 people killed; Aug 16, Detroit air crash, 153 killed; Nov 8, Indianapolis airplane crash, people killed.
  • 1988: Jan 10, plane crashed in water in Japan; Feb 17, air crash in Australia during an air show; Apr 28, Hawaii, jet plane torn apart; Dec 11, TWA plane hijacked from Puerto Rico; Dec 11 and 12, Russian military planes crashed on way to an earthquake disaster; Dec 21, Pan Am 247 exploded in flames and crashed in Scotland.
  • 1991: Mar 16 country singers airplane crashed in Otay, California; Mar 21, a crash in San Diego and one in Saudi Arabia; May 27, an explosion and crash minutes after take-off from Thailand; Oct 16, Newark, New Jersey-two planes clipped each other’s wings; Dec 10, airplane crash in the Grand Canyon.
  • 1993: Jan 13, Grand Canyon crash; Jul 23, Scotland crash and North Korea crash.
  • 1996: Jul 17, TWA exploded off Long Island Coast in New York, everyone killed; Aug 26, terrorists hijacked Cypress jet; Oct 22, small plane crashed into a grocery store; Oct 31, plane crash, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1997: Mar 14, Iran plane crash; Mar 15, Los Angeles area, small plane hit a shed near a home; Mar 18, Russia plane crash and in Florida, two Army planes collided in an air show, people killed; Apr 2, Air Force plane disappeared after leaving Arizona, later found in the Colorado mountains; Aug 10, Taiwan, small passenger plane collided into a mountain.
  • 1999: Swiss airline crash over the coast of Nova Scotia, everyone killed; Sep 26, plane crashed into a volcano in Hawaii; Egyptian air liner crashed near Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, 217 people killed.
  • 2000: Jan 31, Alaska airline crash off Point Mugu, California; Apr 18, Philippines crash; Aug 23, a plane crashed into the Persian Gulf as it was approaching Bahrain.
  • 2002: Jan 5, Tampa, Florida, 15 year old boy committed suicide by flying an airplane into a high rise building by the Bank of America offices; Jan 28, Ecuador jet liner crashed into Andes Mountains near Columbian border, 94 people killed; Oct 24, Senator Wellstone's wife, daughter and staff killed in plane crash near Eveleth, Minnesota.
  • 2003: Feb 1, Columbia Space Shuttle broke up, all 7 Astronauts killed; May 25, China air crash, everyone killed.
  • 2004: Jan 3, Egyptian Airline crash in the Red Sea, 148 people killed; Aug 24, two Russian airplanes crashed in Russia within minutes of each other.
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