Lynne Palmer was in Mobile, Alabama making an appearance at a department store for an autograph signing and was interviewed by Leesa Kersh. The interview appeared in the Mobile Register newspaper on May 23, 1984 in the "Living Today" section. The interview consisted of many topics but, also, contained the names of many celebrities that Lynne Palmer has as clients. Near the end of the interview, Lessa Kersh stated, -----" Lynne Palmer " a celebrity herself---"

I never thought of myself as a celebrity, although I had appeared on local, national and international television shows as well as been written about in many newspapers in Chicago, Boston and New York City. Early in my career, I dated Joe. E. Lewis, the comedian (a friend of Frank Sinatra) and was in many syndicated gossip columns (Walter Winchell, Ed Sullivan, Earl Wilson, Hy Gardner, Louis Sobol etc. ) .

In New York City, February 10, 1989, I drove up in a limousine with two well known singers--Ruth Brown and Chuck Jackson, for the premier of the movie "Tap" with Gregory Hines. I walked the Red Carpet, which was roped off separating the public from the celebrities. I heard a voice in the roped off section point at me and asked “Who is that person?". A reporter answered, "That is Lynne Palmer, the astrologer." I was shocked to hear that a reporter knew who I was.

One time, in New York City, a reporter called and wanted to interview me for a newspaper article. I asked, "How did you get my phone number?" He responded, "I called the Celebrity listing and was given your name.”

Gary Williams book "The Miracle Workers" was published in 2018. One entire chapter consisted of his interview with me. The chapter title is “Lynne Palmer---Astrologer To The Stars." Gary Williams book "The Foreseeable Future--The Mystery of Precognition" was published in June 2019 by a United Kingdom, publisher, who asked me to write the foreword. There is a chapter of an interview with me titled "The Stars Impel." In that chapter he called me "The Celebrity Astrologer."

I have been an astrologer since 1957 and have done the horoscopes of many celebrities. In all of these years, I never thought of myself as a celebrity but, after the two Gary Williams books, I started thinking about the past activities that may have led me to be called a celebrity such as: the Mobile Register newspaper interview, walking the Red Carpet, the television shows, the books of other authors that I am in (notably Helen Hayes and Anita Loos book "Twice Over Lightly," and " Miss Rhythm: The autobiography of Ruth Brown, Rhythm & Blues Legend. " Also "The Life of Jacquelyn Susann" by Barbara Seaman (with photo of me with Joe.E. Lewis and the forecast by me of Jacquelyn Susann's horoscope).


  • FRANK SINATRA---Singer, actor, producer, 44 movie credits, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Kennedy Center Honors, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Oscar Honorary Award. Actress spouses: Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow.
  • AVA GARDNER--- Actress, 28 movie credits. Spouses: Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw, Frank Sinatra.
  • MIA FARROW---Actress, more than 50 movies. One Golden Globe Award; mother was actress Maureen O"Sullivan (Tarzan and other movies), father was director John Farrow. Spouses: Andre Previn, Frank Sinatra.
  • JOE.E. LEWIS---Comedian, actor, singer, Movie "The Joker Is Wild" from the book by the same name is about his life portrayed by Frank Sinatra in the film. Cameo appearance in a Frank Sinatra movie, record album, appeared on Ed Sullivan TV shows, and opened the Copacabana nightclub in New York City every season for years. Every year played the "El Rancho" casino in Las Vegas. His original one liner jokes became famous.
  • MICKEY ROONEY--- Actor, vaudevillian comedian, singer, dancer, musician (piano. drums), 93 movies, 82 shorts, 78 television shows, 2 Broadway shows, 3 Off-Broadway shows, nightclub performer, London theater shows, Juvenile Oscar winner, Honorary Oscar, 2 Golden Globe awards, 1 Emmy award, a Superstar since he was a child (many silent films) and holds the Guinness World Record for "the longest career in film--89 years.”
  • DIANE VON FURSTENBERG---Fashion designer, a former Princess (spouse was Prince Egon).
  • GLORIA VANDERBILT--- Artist, author, fashion designer, heiress, socialite. Spouses: Leopold Stokowski( orchestra conductor), Sidney Lumet ( director, writer, screenwriter), Wyatt Emory Cooper (author). Her son Anderson Cooper, journalist, television anchorman).
  • GLENN CLOSE--- Actress, singer, producer, 59 movie credits, 3 Tony Awards, 3 Emmy Awards, 3 Golden Globe awards, 7 times Oscar nominee.
  • JOSE FERRER--- Actor, theater and film director, 32 movie credits, 1 Oscar Award, was married to Rosemary Clooney.
  • RYAN O' NEAL--- Actor, former boxer, 65 combined movie and television credits, daughter -actress Tatum O'Neal, had long-time love affair with Farrah Fawcett.
  • JOHNNY CARSON--- Comedian, producer, writer, host of the Tonight Show on television, won 6 Emmy Awards (Lynne Palmer was the first astrologer to appear on his show in New York City).
  • JOAN BENNETT--- Stage, film and television actress, 70 silent film and over 14 sound movie credits, plus television shows; spouses--- Walter Wanger (film producer, including "Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor; Gene Markey (author, screenwriter, film producer who had been married to Hedy Lamarr and Myrna Loy), David Wilde (movie critic).
  • RINGO STARR--- Musician (drummer for the Beatles), songwriter, actor. Won 8 Grammy Awards (shared with The Beatles) and one Oscar Award (shared with The Beatles); Married to Barbara Bach; knighted by Queen Elizabeth.
  • WAYNE NEWTON--- Singer, actor, entertainer, musician (piano, guitar and steel guitar); known as Mr. Las Vegas, The Midnight Idol and Mr. Entertainer and his hit signature song "Danke Schoen." Received Horse Breeders Association Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • JAMES COBURN--- Actor, more than 51 movies, Oscar and Golden Globes Awards winner.
  • JOSE EBER--- Hair stylist, salons, hair products, TV show appearances. His first celebrity was Farrah Fawcett, followed by Cher and Elizabeth Taylor. He created the most influential look of the 1970's, 1980's and the 1990's.
  • SYLVIA FINE-KAYE--- Lyricist, composer, pianist, producer, wrote songs for TV series, movies (The Man With the Golden Arm, The Gene Krupa Story and numerous other films), off-Broadway shows, musical revues. Spouse: Danny Kaye who she wrote most of the songs in his films; early in their careers, they worked as a team -she was his pianist while he performed. She won the Peabody Award and a Daytime Emmy; 3 record albums.
  • SCOTT BRADY--- Actor, 144 movie and television credits combined.
  • GEORGE HAMILTON--- Actor (Film and Television) more than 24 movies. Former wife Alana was a superstar model.
  • DIONE WARWICK--- Singer, actress; Grammy Awards winner, Grammy Hall of Fame, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, NAACP Award.
  • LESLIE UGGAMS--- Actress, singer; Tony Award, Daytime Emmy Award, Outer Critic's Circle Award.
  • PERSIS KHAMBATTA--- Former Indian Model, actress in Star Trek movie (shaved her head for the role).
  • PHYLLIS KIRK--- Actress, more than 5 movies, numerous television shows.
  • LUCIE ARNAZ--- Actress, singer, producer. Mother Lucille Ball, father Desi Arnaz.
  • VIVECA LINDFORS--- --- Swedish and American stage and screen actress, singer, 21 movie credits.
  • LINDSAY CROUSE--- Actress, 79 combined credits--movies, television, stage. OBIE Award for Performance. Daughter of Russell Crouse, playwright. Former spouse: David Mamet, playwright.
  • JASON ALEXANDER--- Actor, comedian, singer, director, more than 5 movie credits, was in hit TV series "Seinfeld". Winner of Tony Award, Screen Actor's Guild Award (twice) , Drama Desk Award (twice) and Country Music Association Award.
  • RUBY DEE--- Actress (Stage, film, radio), poet. playwright, screen writer, civil rights activist, 25 or more movies, married to actor Ossie Davis for 54 years. Awards: Kennedy Center Honors, Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement, Screen Actors Guild award for Performance, Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album, Emmy, The National Medal of Arts and she earned several awards for her work in the movie "The Jackie Robinson Story."
  • RUTH BROWN--- Singer, actress (stage- on and off-Broadway, movie "Hairspray", television sitcoms). She was known as Miss Rhythm and the Queen of R & B, first artist to record for Atlantic Records with so many hits that Atlantic Records was called, "The House that Ruth built." Authored book "Miss Rhythm: The Autobiography of Ruth Brown, Rhythm and Blues Legend." Honors and Awards: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Tony Award for best actress in a musical, Outer-Circle Critics Award, Grammy, W.C. Handy award for "Keeping the Blues Alive, " Two-time winner of the Pioneer Rhythm and Blues Foundation Award and numerous other awards. In her home town (Portsmouth, Virginia) two streets are named after her.
  • GEORGE BALANCHINE--- Ballet dancer who turned choreographer, known as The father of American Ballet" and "The most influential 20th century choreographer." He co-founded the New York City Ballet--the artistic director with 175 productions, established a ballet school in New York City. He performed in ballet in Europe when he was 10 years old. Formed his own company in Paris (the French Government gave him The Legion of Honor Award--rank as an Officer), was ballet master for the Russian ballet in Europe. He worked in musical theater and film. The Entertainment Hall of Fame in Hollywood inducted him as a member. In 1978, Queen Margarethe of Denmark awarded him the Knighthood of the Order of Dannebrog-first class. Other awards: Kennedy Center Honors, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Austrian Decoration for Science and Art, The National Institute of Arts and Letters award for distinguished service to the arts, Gold Medal of Merit from the National Society of Arts and Letters--the Heart of New York award He was married to two famous ballerinas: Vera Zorina and Maria Tallchief.
  • SUZANNE FARRELL--- Ballet dancer, New York City ballet--trained as a child; ballets choreographed especially for her by George Balanchine. Kennedy Center Award, Presidential Medal of Freedom Award.
  • TERESA STRATAS--- Opera singer; won Grammy Award for Best Opera Recording, Drama--Desk Award for outstanding actress in a musical.
  • SHIRLEY VERRETT--- African-American Opera singer. She performed with Pavarotti at the Met in New York City; she had over 126 appearances at the Met in New York City; opened La Scala Opera house in Milan, Italy every season for years--Most adulation from fans was in Italy, although she toured all over the globe. She was a mezzo-soprano who changed to soprano (could hit very high notes as well as low ones). She was known for the breadth of her vocal cord range as being remarkable. Performed on Broadway in musical “Carousel"; performed in movies.
  • MARGARET TYNE--- African-American opera singer; oratorio soprano and singing actress. Was married to a Count in Italy.
  • GOGI GRANT--- Singer, hit song "The Wayward Wind."
  • DALE KRISTIEN--- Actress, singer. Musical theater star, won a Tony Award. Known for her record breaking 4 and 1/2 years performing in a Los Angles theater in "Phantom of the Opera," featured in more than 1700 performances--the longest running record of a star to perform in the role. 2 movie credits and 2 TV credits. She starred in the film "Camelot" with Richard Burton and with Richard Harris in the film "King Arthur."
  • MARY PREMINGER--- Artist, sculptor, designer. Her work is in museums, private collections and sculptor in San Francisco park-playground. Former spouse: Otto Preminger (film director).
  • MIMI HINES--- Singer, comedian. Known for the husband and wife team "Ford and Hines."
  • JAN STERLING--- Actress, 43 movies.
  • ANN TURKEL--- Actress, model. 17 combined movie and television credits. Former spouse: Richard Harris (starred with him in 3 movies).
  • MARILYN MICHAELS--- Singer, comedian, writer, composer, impressionist.
  • LYNNE CARTER--- --- Female impersonator, entertainer, actor, singer, Star of The Jewel Box Revue on Broadway and on national tour. Nightclub performer, record album. Mike Douglas and Merv Griffith TV show appearances. A white male who impersonated Pearl Bailey, Mae West, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Phyllis Diller, Hermoine Gingold, Josephine Baker. Pearl Bailey and Josephine Baker gave him many of their costumes (gowns).
  • MAXINE BROWN--- Singer, recorded many albums. Won the Pioneer Rhythm and Blues Foundation Award.
  • ALANA HAMILTON-STEWART--- Supermodel, actress. Former spouses: George Hamilton and Rod Stewart. Performed on television show starring her and George Hamilton.
  • PAMELA SUE MARTIN--- Actress, 15 combined movie and TV credits. Known for her role in two series on television: "Dynasty" and "Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys."
  • CATHY GROPPER--- Artist and playwright (Off-Broadway).
  • CHAZZ PALMENTERI-- Actor, screenwriter, producer, playwright. Numerous movies, TV and Broadway shows. He received the "Indie Hero Award" from the Method Fest Independent Film Festival for his artistic achievements in film.
  • SHEILA FRAZIER--- Actress, model. Over 6 movie credits, notably "California Suite" with Bill Cosby and Richard Pryer and her starring role in "Super Fly."
  • DORIS TROY--- R & B Singer, songwriter, actress. "Just One Look" --hit song she wrote and recorded singing. Known as "Mama Soul." Award: Pioneer Rhythm and Blues Foundation. The show "Mama I Want To Sing" is a musical performed Off-Broadway as the longest running show in history. It is based on her early life. She portrayed her mother on stage in New York City and on tour in London, Greece, and other countries.
  • VY HIGGINSEN--- Theater producer, playwright, former disc jockey and radio show host, magazine publisher "Unique New York." Co-authored and produced Off Broadway the musical "Mama I Want To Sing," which is the longest running Off-Broadway show in history. Also produced Gospel and other shows. "Mama I Want To Sing" was made into a movie and was on tour in London. Greece and other countries. The show was about the early life of her sister Doris Troy. She has a Mama Foundation and helps young people get a start in the theater. Candace (Business) Award, BET Award, Humanitarian Award, Emmy Award for bringing the Mama Foundation for the Arts in Harlem, New York and numerous other awards.
  • PETER JENNINGS--- Newscaster, anchor on network television in New York City.
  • GERALDINE SAUNDERS--- Author, Lecturer, creator of The Love Boat” television series from her book by the same name. Wrote 3 books and became a syndicated columnist. Former spouse: Sydney Omarr, syndicated astrology column.
  • CAROLYNNE SNOWDEN--- Actress in 13 silent films, a bit part in the 1st sound film "The Jazz Singer." Dancer, singer, producer, choreographer for the Cotton Club in Culver City, California where she was the star. She had a 7 foot high kick. She was known as " California's Josephine Baker." She made more than 14 feature films at MGM--her early triumph was in the film “The Merry Widow." Her most famous film was in 1927 "In Old Kentucky." She was the first Negro Queen in movies, she was a creole with green eyes. Her skin was so light, it had to be darkened for her movie roles. Max Factor looked at her skin and developed a make-up shade called "Sun Tan" then he sold it commercially. She worked by day in the movies and at night at The Cotton Club. Starred in many jazz clubs, taught jazz dancing to Bessie Love and Constance Talmadge; taught Joan Crawford the "Charleston" dance for a movie.
    Lynne Palmer (formerly was a dancer) who met Carolynne (making a comeback as a singer in Mexico where they both performed in nightclubs. Carolynne Snowden became Miss Palmer's choreographer and after a year of touring told Lynne Palmer she was a lousy dancer and should be an astrologer! She was instrumental in Lynne Palmer becoming an astrologer.
  • FRANK GIFFORD--- Football player, actor, TV sports commentator. In Pro Football Hall of Fame, won Emmy Award for TV sportscaster. Spouse: Kathie Lee Gifford.
  • GUNTHER GEBEL WILLIAMS--- Animal Trainer and Performer. Star of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
  • KENNETH FELD--- CEO of Feld Entertainment, producer, traveling shows, owner of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus (inherited from his father--Irving).
  • BILLY ROSE--- Impresario, theatrical showman. producer, songwriter (lyricist of popular songs, musical shows), syndicated newspaper column "Pitching Horseshoes." Owned the Diamond Horseshoe cabaret, a musical extravaganza with the "Billy Rose Long-Stemmed American Beauties (name given to his chorus/show girls. Owned many cabarets at one time. He was the first person to combine a theater, nightclub and restaurant--it was called "The Billy Rose Music Hall." The Billy Rose Theater on Broadway named after him. Billy was the first person to put an elephant on stage in a theater in his production "Jumbo." The 1939-40 New York World's Fair he was the first person to create a water ballet called "Aquacade” which combined swimming with a musical extravaganza--it starred Eleanor Holm an Olympic Gold Medalist who he later married. His first wife was Fanny Brice.
  • ELEANOR HOLM--- Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer, star of Billy Roses's Aquacade at the 1939-40 New York World's Fair. Former spouse: Billy Rose.
  • HANS HOLZER--- Parapsychology professor, lecturer, paranormal researcher, author of over 125 books, TV show host, 3 movies from his books, known as the original Ghost Hunter, Trained psychics and worked with the police on many cases, His spouse was an Austrian countess.
  • SYDNEY OMARR--- Newspaper syndicated astrology writer. Every year astrology forecast books are written using his name as the author. Former wife: Geraldine Saunders of The Love Boat" TV series.
  • WARREN AVIS---- Founder of Avis Rental Cars.
  • ROCKY AOKI--- Former wrestler, restaurateur, founded the Benihana chain of Japanese cuisine.
  • TEDDY STAUFFER--- Swiss bandleader, musician, actor, nightclub and restaurant owner. He was known as Mr. Acapulco. In Acapulco he co-owned the Racket Club, The Perla cafe and created the famous Cliff Divers spectacle. He was married to Hedy Lamarr (movie star) and dated Rita Hayworth and Gene Tierney.
  • ANNE-MARIE ROCKEFELLER--- Ex-wife of Steven Rockefeller (son of former U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller).
  • DONNA RICE--- Former model, actress, speaker, film producer, Internet Safety Advocate. Gained notoriety with Gary Hart (a politician who was going to run for U.S. President). The scandal ended his career). A 2018-2019 movie was produced about them.
  • PAT KLUGE--- Socialite, ex-model married John Werner Kluge, media magnate billionaire (worth 6.6. billion). Divorce Settlement: One Million dollars a year for life, an estate with plenty of servants. It was one of the wealthiest divorces on record. She started a wine business on her estate, it lost money, she went bankrupt. Donald Trump bought the business with her running it.
  • NABILA KHASHOGGI--- --- Business woman (Infolex Corp., information Kiosks for travelers in several languages on internet; real estate development ventures; online cosmetics, beauty and home products), actress 2 or more movie credits), producer, philanthropist, author of children's books. Heiress: Her father was Adnan Khashoggi, a billionaire Saudi Arms dealer, His yacht (the 8th largest yacht in the world) was named Nabila which was later bought by Trump. Her cousin was Dodi Fayed who died with Princess Diana in the Paris car crash.
  • ROYALTY---Lynne Palmer did horoscopes for a Prince, 4 Princesses and 3 countesses.
  • DIONNE WARWICK--- Actress, Television Host, Singer---pop, R &B (Rhythm and Blues), gospel, soul. She won 6 Grammy awards.
  • EFFIE SMITHL--- Blues and jazz singer. Early in her career, she was a singer with Lionel Hampton and his orchestra. Later, Effie recorded and wrote blues songs with her husband John Criner. "Dial That Telephone" was a R & B hit song and -talk (monologue) recording that was based on her humorous way of talking over the phone. Lynne Palmer. Effie Smith and John Criner joined forces and wrote two songs that were later recorded.
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