The following email came from a customer who buys Lynne Palmer's books:
"You see Ms. Palmer your writings and all the blood, sweat and tears that went into writing your book will live on for future generations. Just like Reinhold Ebertin and his book on the combination of Stellar Influences still influence students today and some of the other great writers. You will be remembered, for many generations to come, as one of the great Astrological writers of the 21st century who wrote in simple terms. It is your true gift to write in such a detailed manner that the reader can understand what you wish to convey."
Colleen Walsh

The ASTROLOGICAL ALMANC has been published every year since 1978. Through the years these quotes and anecdotes have been given:

"Lynne Palmer's Astrological Almanac is very useful for show business believers."
Earl Wilson, Syndicated Columnist

"You are a winner if you get my dear friend Lynne Palmer's book."
Mickey Rooney, Actor--Movies, Stage, Television; Author

"I am thoroughly devoted to Lynne Palmer for her knowledge and guidance in the Almanac which gives you subjects from A to Z."
Joe Franklin, Host on WOR-TV, WOR-Radio

"When I haven't been sure which way to turn consulting Lynne Palmer has helped lead me to confident choices. I'm overwhelmed by the number of references and cross references. I'm awed by the tremendous amount of work, and especially by the knowledge that makes this book (Astrological Almanac) possible."
Ruby Dee, Stage and Screen Actress, Author, Playwright

"If I had the aid of Lynne Palmer's Astrological Almanac years ago, it would not have taken so long to walk those steps to receive my Tony award."
Ruth Brown, Singer, Actress, Grammy and Tony Award winner (for the best actress in a musical); Honoree Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

"Dear Lynne. Thanks so much for your autographed copy of your Almanac. I have already given ten copies to friends at Christmas--all of whom have thanked me no end, especially the teenagers! It is the most thoughtful gift one can find for a young person…supplies them with a daily good habit."
Anita Loos, Author, Screenwriter (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Gentlemen Marry Brunettes and over 200 scenarios for MGM and D.W. Griffith for Silent Films and Co-authored with Helen Hayes the book "Twice Over Lightly"

"Lynne Palmer's 'Amazing Almanac' gives the reader the opportunity to pick a 'Harmonious Day' for whatever venture they seek."
Marlow Jean Bow, Author "Garbo Girl," “Cream Puff Capone" and "Roach Woman."

"I have to trust myself with my animals…and I trust Lynne Palmer. I think everyone should have the Astrological Almanac so their life runs smoother."
Gunther Gebel- Williams, Wild-Animal Trainer and Star of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

ANECDOTE: Sigrid, the wife of Gunther Gebel-Williams, called me in January 1997 to tell me she needed the Almanac desperately (it had not yet been published) for surgery dates for a friend, (The Almanac has favorable dates and Avoid Dates for Surgery.) I gave her the dates over the telephone. Sigrid told me that another friend had surgery in 1996 and it was such a disaster, that the woman would never be the same. After that occurred, Sigrid looked up in the 1996 Almanac to see what was listed--it was an AVOID SURGERY date!

"Lynne Palmer's book is a great time and money saver."
L. Gerald Laufer. M.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Cornell University Medical College

"Mom loves it! Very Happy!

"Lynne has long been a favorite of mine and you need to follow her astrological predictions."

"Useful tool. This book is my 'first go-to' when planning 'anything'---from a gathering of friends and family, to my dental appointments."

"Happy with Lynne's book."
Arlene F. Damele

"Comprehensive and great to read. Excellent resource. Love it."
CRAB 369

"Lynne Palmer's yearly Astrological Almanac I buy it every year. It helps me pick out the best days for doctor's appointments, haircuts, to ask favors and a myriad of other important things. I'd be lost without it, have been consulting it for years, and hope it continues every year."
Sharon Louise

"Anyone who plans an activity without consulting Ms. Palmer's Almanac first is at a big disadvantage. I've relied on her expertise for many years and her info has saved me a ton of money and heartache. The Almanac is not only enlightening but a very wise and low-cost business investment."

"The Almanac is an amazing guide…nothing seems to be missing. It's a necessary reference to those who are seeking answers to today's challenges."
Kathleen Karter, Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive

"I've never read a book (Astrological Almanac) with so much useful information simply arranged so I can put my finger on it quickly. I absolutely recommend it.
Lynne Palmer’s Almanac never disappoints you; the new edition is as reliable and helpful as are her earlier Almanac's. To undertake any action of even slight importance without first consulting the Almanac is at best, foolish; in the case of important matters, downright dangerous."
Hans Holzer, Author, Parapsychology Professor

ANECDOTE: Hans Holzer had a dental appointment to get his teeth cleaned. He looked in the Almanac and noticed it was an AVOID Dental Cleaning date. He figured, "How could a simple cleaning go wrong?"

He went to the dentist on that day, the dentist's hand slipped and Hans for two weeks had a sore mouth.

Ironically, Audrey Lovejoy, looked at the Almanac and noticed that the date was an Avoid Dental Cleaning day (It was the same date Hans went to the dentist), she did not think cleaning was risky so she kept the dental appointment (the dentist was a different dentist than the one Hans went to). As with Hans, the dentist's hand slipped, injured her mouth which took two weeks to heal. After that experience, they both told me they would follow the dates in the Almanac (Hans and Audrey did not know each other).

"I for one, welcome anything that makes my way easier. It certainly lessens stress to know in advance when to schedule a specific activity to get the best results---also, to be aware of potentially troublesome dates. Lynne Palmer's Astrological Almanac does just that."
Gail Howard, Lottery Guru--Author, Lottery Master Guide

"Even if you are not an avid believer in Astrology, we believe that this book, Astrological Almanac, could be of valuable assistance to you in a world where there are not always explanations of why events or mishaps occur in our lives. There are many astrologers but there are few who have the true gift to make accurate interpretations. We believe Lynne Palmer is one of the most gifted astrologers and the best in the field of astrology."
Sandra M. Lancaster, Texas Lottery Guide

"Lynne Palmer is bright, beautiful, talented, a skilled astrologer and her Almanac is provocative, informative and a valuable addition to the popular astrological literature of the day."
Sydney Omarr, Astrologer Writer, Syndicated Columnist

"The Astrological Almanac has something for everyone, but a lot for the practicing professional. Time and date information for determining the best time for practically any venture. Topics include: Real Estate, Money, best time for Job Interviews and the list goes on and on. A real time saver."
The American Federation of Astrologers

"This is a very handy book. It has everything you need to pick the right time to do anything or plan your day. You'll want this by your side."
Paul Brewer, Former President, The Church of Light

"Lynne Palmer's Astrological Almanac is the number one essential guide for successfully meeting life's questions and challenges throughout the year."
Rev. Dr. Russ Durocher, Astrologer, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor

"I've been using the Almanac for years. It makes my astrological practice so easy and on target. My clients love it to help them make decisions. It is always accurate!"
Cattel, Astrologer

"This book delivers! Once you use it, you will never want to be without it! The most useful Almanac I have ever used!"
Jo Loring, Astrologer

"The Astrological Almanac not only has something for everyone (a complete Sun Sign synopsis) but a lot for the practicing Professional…date information for determining the best time for practically every venture. Written somewhat in the form of the Farmer's Almanac, it deals with everyday questions…Topics include: Beauty Treatments, Real Estate, Money …the list goes on and on. A real time saver for the busy professional."
Astro Notes ---- Professional Astrologers, Inc.

"No more do we need to ask, ‘When should I do this? When should I do that?' (Thanks to Lynne Palmer). She gives the best days to do the chores, and take the actions, which fulfill our daily lives. This 'how-to' directory, containing information rarely found in one package, can be an indispensable tool to help you not only enhance your image but to drum up business."
Doris Chase Doane, Author (astrology books, articles), President American Federation of Astrologers

"Just want you to know what a marvelous job you did on your Almanac. In my opinion it's the best book of this kind I have ever seen, and is beautifully organized and written. Only you would be capable of producing such a masterpiece."
Alice Q. Reichard, Astrologer, Numerologist

"I have been reading through your book, Astrological Almanac for 1999, and I am just amazed on the volume of information in this book.. You have truly given very, very, much of your knowledge and energy to organize all. It really is an almanac! It really is so practical."
Sue Ann Warren, Author, Professional Writer, Astrological Consulting Service

"I've been using Lynne Palmer's Astrological Almanac since the first edition. Myself, clients, family and friends have supreme confidence in this Almanac because of her astonishingly accurate information year after year. I use the Almanac in all facets of life because I consider Lynne to be the best astrologer in the world-and I know most of them. In these stressful times, now more than ever, it is a MUST HAVE! I never leave home without it!"
Dee Wynne, Astrologer, Author, Lecturer

ALMANAC ANECDOTES: From Dee Wynne--- "I only travel on "good" days even though on these dates’ storms, tornadoes and hurricanes were taking place. People thought I was crazy to get on a plane but the flights were always perfect."
"I purchased furniture on the good dates listed and the furniture was delivered on the date indicated (in the Almanac) to "first use" furniture."
"My niece…and her husband….have been using the Almanac to plan the expansion of their home. Everything from electrical, plumbing, farming, etc. inspections from their town. Everything has gone along so beautiful and fast."

From Brenda Jones: "You would be amazed at the huge difference use of your dates (Astrological Almanac) has made in the many herbs I grow in the greenhouse. I find that when they are planted when the influences are favorable (and strong) for the sign each herb is associated with, they flourish even more."

From Lynn Russell: "I just had to let you know your Almanac came through once again for me, I have never knitted and was shown a stitch by my neighbor for a beautiful scarf. Well, I could not do it at all; in fact I was embarrassed that I was so bad I could not keep the stitches in the needle! Then I looked in my Almanac and saw August 2 as the day to start knitting and I have been doing well ever since. I just can't believe how I was able to do it when I started on the day you said. Thank you so much for making my life easier, I simply cannot live without the Almanac. I use it for everything and you are right on the button all the time."

From Alice Donnells: "I thought you'd like to know how all your predictions have helped me, I bleached my hair on August 13, 1994 (good date given in the Astrological Almanac) and the roots didn't get dark for three months. I also got the same results four or five times a year. It sure is better than paying someone to do it 26 times a year. I developed a cataract in both eyes. Your book provided me with the dates for all my doctors' office appointments, hospital and surgery. (I gave them the dates I wanted). Excellent results. Lynne, your book is fantastic and as you have stated ' a unique new approach to planning your life day-by-day.' I am still trying even more as I approach 77."

From Lynn Cook: "I will take the opportunity to tell you about a couple of examples of how the information in your book (Astrological Almanac) has proven true for me. I had chosen a date to have some elective cosmetic surgery done…it was listed not only as a good date, but one that insured a quick recovery and that the operation would not have to be performed again. At the last minute, the doctor's office called and needed to reschedule to the next day. I did not have the Almanac with me at the time I had to make the decision and thought to myself, what could one day's difference make? The following day's date was listed as a date not to have surgery. It was awful. I have had to have three subsequent surgeries and still encounter problems. Another example…I needed to get back to the work force. I consulted your Almanac for a date which was good for applying for employment. I decided to hand deliver my resume. I was hired that very day."

From Joyce G: "A friend gave me your Almanac before I went to Japan to dance. Once my performance ended, I booked a flight back to New York City for January 10, 1988. My friend (that gave me your Almanac) was planning to meet me when I arrived. "

The friend: " I was going to meet Joyce but I heard the news that a plane crashed. Ironically, it was the flight Joyce was to be on. I figured Joyce was dead. But I did not know what had transpired with Joyce at the time she was going to board the plane in Japan."

Joyce: " I was getting ready to board the plane and I remembered that the Almanac had dates listed to AVOID: Air Travel. I opened the book up and saw it was a bad (avoid) day. I decided not to take the flight. After hearing about the crash, I called my friend and told her that my life was saved, because I cancelled my flight due to the Avoid: Air Travel date. I thanked her for giving me the Astrological Almanac."


"This book is already a true classic. I don't think there is anything like it ever written. Lynne has skillfully laid out step-by-step lessons that can lead you to success."
Jo Loring, Astrologer

"This book is fantastic. It is like a think-and-do instruction manual. The astrology information is amazing. No other astrologer has this much knowledge and makes it available in simple, clear concise format. What a pleasure. The font is perfect and the layout so well thought out. The size of the pages is excellent. The cover back and front is washable. The astrology information is up to the minute with the very latest technology subjects included for delineating a chart. Bravo Lynne Palmer and Amazon!"
Dee Wynne, Astrologer

"Be Your Own Astrologer is a fabulous book for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of astrological chart reading. It is an outstanding compilation of astrological information presented in a very straightforward manner, making it easy for a novice to understand the principles of astrology. The information outlined in the book makes it possible to learn astrology in a manner that is similar to that of learning another language. It is also an invaluable reference for more experienced astrologers. If you are interested in learning astrology correctly, this is the one book you definitely need to have."
Chloe Z. Clark, Ph.D., Executive Communication Coach, Circle All Things, LLC. ASEA Cellular Health Consultant

"Lynne Palmer lets you become your own astrologer in lay person's language. The book gives you the details you need. Phenomenal book!"

"Very informative. 5 stars on content."

"Love Lynne Palmer's books. Enjoying the book."
Arlene F. Damele


"Extremely helpful. Lynne Palmer is always great!"

"Medical astrology simplified so you can easily pinpoint your astrological health issues. Lynne also provides suggestions to improve them."
Jo Loring, Astrologer


"Fantastic book! I would give it ten stars if you had them1"
Sunny Shell

"An important guide for taking the right vitamins according to your horoscope. The only book I know of that tells you what to take for afflicted planets and how each vitamin nourishes the body."
Jo Loring, Astrologer


"Mysterious Neptune explained! You think you know everything about your Sun Sign? Well---there's more! There is so much information in this book that is not available anywhere else. Lynne Palmer is so positive--her astrological knowledge is titanic in scope and her encouraging nurturing way she goes about giving the advice and info is very endearing. This is the book you will want to bring on vacation or read on the plane it is very relaxing. The font is clear and beautiful. I really like the design of the pages and layouts. Reading is once again a pleasure! The chapters on Gems, Colors and Numbers are fantastic. The chapter on magic is juicy and very inspirational to get your mind going in the right direction---all positive."
Dee Wynne, Astrologer

"Very few books are filled with laughter and learning but this book has both. You will pick up incredible astrology from the master herself. A fun and informative read."
Jo Loring, Astrologer

"This is an excellent book full of wisdom and insight. With her many years of experience, Lynne Palmer is able to give us all the information we need in order to have better lives. Whether or not you accept astrology as a viable science, this book is loaded with gems of knowledge, presented in a very unusual and humorous format. Enjoy it as much as I have."
Chloe Z. Clark, Ph.D., Executive Communication Coach, Circle All Things LLC., ASEA Cellular Health Consultant

“Fantastic zodiac information! Ten stars! Phenomenal information about signs. Great to give as gifts."

"Loved the book. Great book."
Arlene F. Damele

"How to improve the story of your life. Taking a car trip without a roadmap would be crazy and living one's life without one's astrological 'roadmap' would be even crazier! I've relied on Lynne Palmer's insights for over 30 years and would not consider a career, romance or health choice without her guidance. This new book contains a wealth of information generally not covered elsewhere. If you are a devotee of Ms. Palmer, you'll want this book. If not, you will enhance your life tremendously by becoming one! "

PROSPERITY SIGNS published by Dell May 1981. PROSPERITY published by Amazon is a derivative of Prosperity Signs with added information.

“A fascinating and helpful book (Prosperity Signs) with a new outlook on current issues."
Diane Von Furstenberg, Fashion Designer

"For believers or skeptics, Lynne Palmer on astrology is engrossing reading. She gives us real insight into a fascinating method of finding out about ourselves and our lives."
Gloria Vanderbilt, Artist, Fashion Designer, Author, Heiress, Socialite

"My life-long friend, Lynne has given you the 'in' to a brand new future. I love your book. I think Lynne Palmer can give you real insight."
Mickey Rooney, Actor--Stage, Screen and Television; Author

"This Piscean has been hooked by Lynne Palmer's Prosperity Signs."
Joan Bennett, Movie star

"I am very enthusiastic ----from a broker's point of view. I find it exciting to analyze investments and investment objectives in terms of astrology. Lynne Palmer should be thanked. Prosperity Signs should be on every broker's desk."
Gregg T. Anderson, Account Executive, E.F. Hutton

"Your new book Prosperity Signs is a smash! It is excellent! The best you've ever done! The subject matter is unique (i.e. for astrology) and a very current interest---added to which it is extremely well written and thoroughly enjoyable. I love the humor; it's entertaining as well as informative. Just fabulous! Congratulations! A job well done!"
Barbara Jean Stabile


"Lynne Palmer knows the secret for success, don’t wait another instant, find your Astrological sign, hear what this fascinating person has to say about you---and look forward."
Gloria Vanderbilt. Artist, Fashion Designer Author, Heiress, Socialite

"My good friend Lynne has written a book that will help everyone seek out the financial security that we all are in search of. You are a winner if you get my dear friend Lynne Palmer's book."
Mickey Rooney, Actor-- Stage, Screen and Television; Author


"You are a winner if you have Lynne Palmer's Money Magic book!
Mickey Rooney, Actor-- Stage, Film, TV; Author

"Lynne Palmer has made the journey on the road to wealth an easier trip with this book (Money Magic)."
Ruth Brown, Singer, Actress, Tony and Grammy Award Winner, Honoree Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

"Lynne Palmer's MONEY MAGIC is a practical guide to create prosperity for yourself, teaching, as it does, the step-by-step affirmations, and mental attitudes that can change your circumstances in the most dramatic manner…it teaches the reader how to attract good fortunes and be ready to change your life. Not to be missed, whether rich or poor."
Hans Holzer, Author, Parapsychology Professor

"Even more than the MONEY MAGIC techniques in the book, the book is an inspiration for encouragement, enthusiasm, attitude adjustment, and a boost for personal self-esteem that I think everyone could benefit from in their life pursuit."
Sandra M. Lancaster, Texas Lotto Guide

"I appreciate the courage it took to fuse what appears to be non-polemic, non-denominational religious philosophy with ceremony. It was a bridging act of kindness, showing an open mind with underlying knowledge of both worlds. The chapter on sun-signs is one of the best of its kind."
Misty Day

"I purchased your MONEY MAGIC book and did the Law of Abundance check. I was amazed that the next day, because I purchased two scratch-off tickets and won $50. I have never won more than one or two dollars on these tickets. I am a believer that this does work and thanks for your guidance in this book."


"Who doesn't want to win? Try these steps---you'll be glad you did!"
Jo Loring, Astrologer


"Lynne Palmer's YOUR LUCKY DAYS AND NUMBERS is a worthy companion to her ALMANAC, between the two books by Lynne Palmer, you can truly chart your own destiny. Highly recommended! "
Hans Holzer, Author, Parapsychology Professor

"Your Lucky Days & Numbers has helped me win at Bingo."
Kandi Isaacs

"I'm already in full swing with lotto and believe it is working. I have read a few books about numerology but this one (Your Lucky Days and Numbers) is by far the most useful and easy to understand."
Per Nilsson

"Lynne Palmer's YOUR LUCKY DAYS AND NUMBERS works, amazingly. I can't explain how or why but each time I try to disprove it, I can't. If a cynic such as myself is convinced, anyone will be! It has been a wonderful change of pace learning how to avoid obstacles---or at least go around them---rather than walk straight into them. I've relied upon YOUR LUCKY DAYS AND NUMBERS and the results are wonderful. When I haven't checked ahead of time, I've lived to regret it. It's so easy to increase your odds for luck and success by following her easy steps; there's no reason not to. It is easy to use---and works magically! I now time major undertakings on lucky days and, amazingly, it has never failed me yet."
Deborah Anniello, Attorney


"Every gambler should read this book. It far surpasses other books on the market. You must read this!"
Jo Loring, Astrologer


"ASTROLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY is the latest book written by Lynne Palmer, one of America's most gifted and authoritative astrological writers. It's three hundred and forty-five pages are already being accepted as THE text for study of astrology's most sought after answers to client's needs---Compatibility. It was initially offered at this summer's Las Vegas Convention and was the most sought after and popular book, regardless of the subject, in the book store. It is the BEST BET in today's market."
American Federation of Astrologers

NOTE: Lynne Palmer won the 1976 annual award given by Professional Astrologers for “Outstanding Contribution to the Art and Science of Astrology”. It was based on her Astrological Compatibility book.


"Lynne Palmer's book IS YOUR NAME LUCKY FOR YOU? is a unique source of valid and important information regarding your name and what it really means in your life. Not to be missed!"
Hans Holzer, Author, Parapsychology Professor

CAST AND READ YOUR HOROSCOPE, Record Kit----Two LP (long playing) records and an instruction booklet.

"Hermione is hooked for horoscopes. This record kit is intriguing…exciting…wonderful!"
Hermione Gingold, Actress Stage and Screen

"I should like to tell you how much I like your album 'How to Cast and Read Your Horoscope.' Your voice is clear and distinct; it is ideal for teaching by records. I have many books written by the well-known in the field of astrology, but your album makes the subject so much easier to understand. Your booklet that comes with the album stated you were to make another album….you would be doing a great service if you would make more albums."
Sally Soos (Mrs. John S. Soos, Sr.)


"For anyone wishing to learn astrology, this book is a MUST HAVE!"
Jo Loring, Astrologer

"I am planning on teaching the meaning of the planets in each house. I will recommend your ABC Basic Chart Reading book for additional details, but I will not copy any part of your book.. I've read the book completely and think it is wonderful."
Vivian C. Vochan, Astrologer

"In ABC Basic Chart Reading, well-known astrologer Lynne Palmer has created the ideal guide to chart reading for students at all levels as well as the practicing astrologer."
Google Books


"Book to read: Lynne Palmer's astrological study of the late Billy Rose. Revealing and dynamic---sensational in its implications."
Sydney Omarr, Columnist --The National Tattler

"Helen (Hayes) told me to write you that she enjoyed the Billy Rose book enormously, and that it explains many things in his character that had been obscure. She, as well as I, knew Billy very well indeed and it interests me greatly that he might have lived longer had he listened to your advice."
Anita Loos, Screenwriter, Playwright. Author (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes book, Broadway show and film with Marilyn Monroe. Also the film and book ' Gentlemen Marry Brunettes' and over 200 silent and talk movies. Twice Over Lightly book co-authored with Helen Hayes (actress-stage and screen)


"An important read for anyone who wants to really understand how to correctly interpret the inner workings of anyone's horoscope. This book is full of important details for delineation that you shouldn’t miss!"
Jo Loring, Astrologer


"How to recognize someone's Dominant and/or Sun Sign at a glance by their actions and way of looking. The book gives each person's traits, assets and how to make them pay off. Also given are the personal pitfalls of each sign and how to avoid---"
Google Books

"Knowing how to work effectively and efficiently with your boss will help you achieve your career goals sooner rather than later. This book does that and more!"
Jo Loring, Astrologer


"Lynne Palmer's ' Do-It-Yourself Publicity Directory' can be invaluable to any author promoting a book, and thus increasing sales. It doesn't only tell you about publicity but how to get it."
Jeraldine Saunders, Creator of the "Love Boat" TV series, author of Frisco Lady, Signs of Love, and Hypoglycemia: The Disease Your Doctor Won't Treat.

"I am thoroughly devoted to Lynne Palmer for her knowledge and guidance. Must read…The greatest book (Do-It-Yourself Publicity Directory) on the subject I've ever read, the definite how-to guide, a blockbuster of an idea. Another unforgettable by my favorite astrologer."
Joe Franklin, Syndicated TV Talk Show and Radio Host, WOR-TV and WOR Radio

"Publicity will support you with much needed public awareness that advertising cannot provide. Everyone in business can benefit from another helpful Lynne Palmer book."
Gary Kurtz, Movie Producer of the first two installments of Star Wars( Episode IV, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back; Return to Oz; The Dark Crystal, American Graffiti

"A highly readable book that will become a bible to anyone wishing a place in public life. The knowledge contained in this work shows all of the intelligence, research and understanding typical of the author's previous achievements. A magnificent breakthrough. Definitely a book for the new self-achiever.”
Mary Preminger, Artist, Sculptor, Designer, Fine Arts Structural Engineer

"Lynne’s book is a great time and money saver."
L. Gerald Laufer, M.D.

"This 'how-to-directory (Do-It Yourself Publicity Directory)' contains information rarely found in one package. It can be an indispensable tool to help you not only enhance your image, but to drum up business."
Doris Chase Doane, Author, President American Federation of Astrologers

"An invaluable reference book (Do-It Yourself Publicity Directory) for both publisher and book writer. Even though the small publisher doesn't have enough of an advertising budget or staff to do this kind of promo work, the dynamic author could use this material to promote a book, whether it be of mass market influence or in one of the specialty fields."
Donald Weiser, President Samuel Weiser, Inc., Publisher, Distributor, Bookseller

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