Lynne Palmer Celebrates 65 Years as an Astrologer

Over the years, some of the famous people who have had horoscopes done by Lynne include:
* Mickey Rooney * Diane Von Furstenberg
* Ryan O’Neal * Ava gardner
* Frank Sinatra * Liza Minnelli
* Mia Farrow * Ringo Starr
* George Hamilton * Ruby dee
* Ruth Brown * Leslie Uggams
* Dione Warwick * Joan Bennett
* Glenn Close * Gunther gebel-Williams
* Jose Ferrer * Viveca Lindfors
* Shirley Verrett * George Balanchine
* Suzanne Farrell * James Coburn
* Gloria Vanderbilt * Johnny Carson
* Frank gifford * Joe E. Lewis
* Pamela Sue Martin * Lindsay Crouse
* Gogi grant * Mimi Hines
* Marilyn Michaels * Rocky Aoki
* Mary Preminger * Gary Kurtz
* Hans Holzer * Syndey Omarr
* Lisa & Curtis Sliwa (guardian Angels)

Plus members of royalty including a Prince, four Princesses and a Count.

One night while I was at Frank Sinatra’s New York City apartment, Mia Farrow and I got to talking. The room was crowded at this social event — and Frank did not hear us talk. I told Mia that Frank had marriage aspects in his horoscope but that if he didn’t marry by November of that year, he would not marry. This was the beginning of summer when I was talking to Mia.

A week later, when Mia was back in Hollywood, she called me to tell me that she was going to marry Frank and that it was a secret — not even her mother, Maureen O’ Sullivan knew about it. She wanted me to get a good marriage chart by using astrology. She said I had only one date and a few hours to work with because that is what Sinatra wanted. I called her back, a few hours later — and gave her the time to get married. She saw me, a few days later, at Frank’s mother’s house in Fort Lee, New Jersey — Frank’s parents had the wedding reception there (they were married in Las Vegas and had one wedding reception there) so this was the second wedding reception. She told me she delayed as much as she could everything — so she could get the time I had chosen for the good marriage chart. But, she couldn’t delay any longer (she had delayed the flight from California to Las Vegas, had delayed getting dressed) — and she was married 30 minutes too early! And at that time the planets were very unfavorable — and the rest is history!

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