New York Journal-American: April 9, 12, May 1965---Louis Sobol New York Post: December 29, 1966---Earl Wilson's column It Happened Last Night, "---comedian Joe E. Lewis, who will work again, might possibly trip to the altar with Lynne Palmer, whom he gave a big gold ring for Christmas."

New York Post, January 1967----Earl Wilson reported the celebrities who came to the birthday party for Joe. E. Lewis--column headline "Sinatra Fetes Joe. E. Lewis." In the column a list of famous people were given. At the end of the list “and Joe E's girlfriend Lynne Palmer."

World Tribune Journal New York: January 22, 1967---Hy Gardner was reporting the birthday party for Joe. E. Lewis that Frank Sinatra gave him at Jilly's bar in Miami Beach, Florida. He wrote, “With him was a new blessing in his life. He introduced her as Lynne Palmer; she came along just when her feller needed a friend."

Daily News (New York) , June 28, 1967---Ed Sullivan's column Little Old New York "Joe E. Lewis, who prefers Lynne Palmer, told Monte (Kippy's) Proser: "It's too late for me to get married."

Daily News (New York), May 2, 1968---Charles McHarry's column On The Town “Lynne Palmer, Joe. E. Lewis' pretty astrologist sweetheart told him at "Kippy's: "All your signs point to May for marriage or romance." Joe ordered another drink."

New York Post, June 10, 1968---Earl Wilson's column It Happened One Night: "Joe E. Lewis' astrologist friend Lynne Palmer says that James Earl Ray , alleged assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King , has "a Venus aspect" in his chart and that a love relationship, such as a separation from a loved one , could have influenced him . . . by her reading , shows him "cold and heartless." (That’ll fix him!)"

Los Angeles Herald Examiner, September 2, 1968---Walter Winchell's column "Joe. E. Lewis' steadiest date at Sid Allen's is lovely Lynne Palmer."

New York Daily, October 2, 1969--Sharon McCluskey's Society column: "On the subject of handsome men (and this is my month for them according to my astrologer Lynne Palmer, who is the cat's pajamas these Aquarian days)."

New York Post, March 30, 1981, Section "Page Six." Reporter James Brady. "Mickey Rooney - isn't an astrology freak. He wants that made perfectly clear. So why's he plugging Dell's Prosperity Signs (to be released in May) by stargazer Lynne Palmer? Mickey told PAGE SIX “We've known each other for 45 years and she's the best in her line." Mickey did admit Lynne coaxed him into having his chart done but added " I don't call Lynne every day to ask if it's going to rain." Other glitterati Lynne has advised: Ruby Dee, Jose Ferrer, Gloria Vanderbilt and Diane Von Furstenberg."

Daily News (New York), April 3, 1983, "People" column, reporters Phil Roura and Tom Poster: "Astrologer Lynne Palmer and psychic Hans Holzer danced all night at Renee Phillip's party at Magique."

New York Post, May 20, 1985, Around The Town column, reporter Amy Penn. "---; astrologist Lynne Palmer and Dr. Lee Salk were a few who stopped by to see Cathy's paintings, many of which are about this year's increasingly popular subject matter----India." (Gallery exhibit --Cathy Gropper, the artist and now playwright).

Wisdom Child's New York Guide magazine, April 4 thru April 10, 1983, column "Talk of the Town" by Renee Phillips. Large photo of Lynne Palmer, Hans Holzer and Renee Phillips. Underneath Photo " Renowned astrologer/author Lynne Palmer, famous psychic, author and producer Hans Holzer and Renee Phillips, take time to smile for photographer at FUSIONARTS "Magic at Magique" party in between dancing, watching magic tricks and mixing with other interesting guests." In the column it read “A recent FUSIONARTS “Magic at Magique" was a huge success. Mesmerizing magicians, supplied by Tannen Magic, the world's largest Magic center, located at 1540 Broadway; mouthwatering pates catered by Susan Engel; a display of original art work; and special guest Hans Holzer, psychic, author, producer; renowned astrologer/author Lynne Palmer, with friend Mary Preminger, sculptor and former fashion model all joined other guests from the fields of art, entertainment and business, making this party a most memorable, multi-media event!"

New York Post, June 7, 1998, Cindy Adams column headlined "More Trivial O.J. Pursuit,--- "And there's Lynne Palmer and Sylvia Hubbard's astrological bio describing O.J.'s 'warm, happy, face stripped away as a cold-blooded, violent, obsessed, egomania with the ability to strike at deadly force. Sixteen chapters include the Crime of Passion. How O.J. felt That Day, was their silent rage? Hurt Feelings? Hatred? Ego deflation? Rejection? Out of control? Time bomb ready to explode? Chapter Five, the real O.J. and insights into his Jekyll & Hydeism. Chapter 13's O.J. in the can, 14's his Defense Team, 15's The Trial, 16's his Future. Will he be acquitted? Attract financial offers? His movie career returns or is he a wash-up? He learns anything or is he back to wife beating? The book is called “Deadly Passion." It's making the rounds."


New York Journal American, July 16, 1964, reporter Ralph Schoenstein, headline "Do Planets Plan It All?"

World Journal Tribune (New York) January 3, 1967, reporter Frank Sugrue, headline "Its All in the Stars---10 Million Americans Believe."

The National Observer (Washington, D.C.), February 17, 1969, reporter Daniel Greene, headline Astrology---It's "in” Now, but Does It Work?"

City East (New York), October 1969, reporter Pamela Carson, headline "The New Occultists of City East."

The Herald News (North New Jersey), October 17, 1975, headline "Astrologer Says Nixon Faces More Woes."

New York Post, April 15, 1976, reporter Lindsay Van Gelder, headline "The Astrological Revenue Service."

New York Post, December 27, 1976, reporter Lindsay Van Gelder, headline "Hidden Stars of Astrology."

Boston Globe, December 18, 1977, reporter Marian Christy, Lifestyle Section, Headline "Astrologer With a Touch of Witchcraft."

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California), February 16, 1978, article "An Astrologer With A Who's Who List Of Clients."

The Atlanta Journal (Georgia), July 28, 1978, reporter Jean Tyson, headline “Star Watchers."

Chicago Tribune, September 2, 1982, reporter Eric Zom, headline "1982 Convention Shows the Signs of Astrology's Popularity."

Greeley Colorado Tribune, September 12, 1982, Reporter John Seelmeyer, headline "Zodiac Marks the Roadway to Success."

The Gazette (New Jersey), April 14, 1983, reporter Jackie Rooney, column

Astral Logic, headline "Using the Stars to Chart Life."

The Mobile Register (Alabama), May 23, 1984, reporter Leesa Kersh. Living Today section, headline "It's All In The Stars."

New York Times, November 3, 1985, reporter Joanne Kaufman, headline "Profiting from the Position of the Planets."

San Francisco Chronicle, November 7, 1985, reporter Peter Stack, Datebook section, headline "Peeking Into The Future On Tape."

The Herald (New Jersey), November 9, 1985, reporter Allen Weiner, headline “Skip Your Astrologer in ' 86-----Video Offers Star-Sign Advice."

Star (tabloid). November 19, 1985, Video section, "Star Signs '86"

North Jersey Weekender, December 14, 1985, reporter Winnie Bonelli, Home Entertainment section, headline “Video Gifts Always Right Size, Color."

Tulsa World (Oklahoma), February 23, 1986, reporter Libby Jenkins, Entertainment section, headline "Horoscopes on Video Have Arrived."

Wall Street Journal, April 28, 1986, reporter David Stipp, headline "Picking Birth Dates for Lottery Numbers---."

Globe (tabloid), September 2, 1986, headline "Lucky Numbers and Dates for September."

Los Angeles Times, March 30, 1987, reporter Mike Wyma, View Life Style section, headline "The Lotto Tipsters: They Have Your Number."

Newsday (New York), May 5, 1988, reporter Dennis Duggen, headline "Glory Days For Stargazers."

The New York Times, May 15, 1988, reporter N.R. Kleinfield, Business section, headline "Seeing Dollar Signs In Searching The Stars."

Las Vegas Review--Journal, October 13, 1993, reporter John Przybys, Living section, headline "People Still Turn To The Planets For Fun or Advice."

New York's Weekly Lottery News, January 7, 1998, reporter Gail Howard's column "Wheeling To Win,” headline "Best Days To Get Good Results."

New York's Weekly Lottery News, December 2, 1998, reporter Gail Howard's column “Wheeling To Win," headline Coincidence or Cosmic Plan?"

New York's Weekly Lottery News, March 24, 1999, reporter Gail Howard's column

"Wheeling To Win," headline "Other Roads To Riches."

Globe (tabloid), August 3, 1999, headline "Famed Astrologer Warned Of Disaster," -----"but John's actions are typical of Sagittarius. They're the risk takers of the universe," explains Lynne Palmer, a friend of Omarr. On July 16, the signs for Sagittarius were ominous" says Palmer. (Omarr refers to Sydney Omarr; John refers to John F. Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. --the risk taking was his plane crash.)

New York's Weekly Lottery News. September 26, 2001. Reporter Gail Howard's columns “Wheeling To Win,” headline "No War in the USA In 2002."

New York's Weekly Lottery News, December 5, 2001, reporter Gail Howard’s column "Wheeling To Win," headline “USA Under Attack."

The Boston Phoenix, December 14, 2001, reporter Chris Wright, headline "Prophets Of Doom.” (Lynne Palmer was the only astrologer in the world who predicted 9/11, which this article is about.)

NOTE: May 17 and May 18, 2008, the following quote Lynne Palmer gave to The Associated Press, "More people believe in it now, said Lynne Palmer, a former dancer and astrologer since 1978 based in Las Vegas. "Fifty-one years ago, if you mentioned astrology, you had a fight on your hands….now you can ask "What's your sign?, " and people will tell you."

This quote appeared in newspapers in the following countries and USA cities. The number in parenthesis is how many newspapers in each place it appeared: Canada (5), France (1), UK (1) India (1 and TV); Alabama (1), Arizona (2), California (14), Colorado (1), Florida (4), Georgia (2), Idaho (1), Illinois (3), Indiana (2). Iowa (4), Kansas (1), Kentucky (1), Minnesota (3), Missouri (1), Nebraska (1), Nevada (1), New Jersey (1), New Mexico (2), NY (Forbes, Newsday), North , Carolina (5), North Dakota (2), Oklahoma (1). Pennsylvania (5), South Carolina (3), South Dakota (1), Texas (6), Utah (1), Washington (6), Wyoming (1).

This quote also appeared on radio and television: NBC news TV, NYC, Am NY, Fox News, WYATT in NYC; KTAR, Arizona; KAAL TV Minnesota; two channels in North Carolina, 1 channel in Minnesota, News channel 8 and TV in Washington, D.C.


Dell book publisher----The Dell Dateline: June 22, 1981, headline-- "More Than Heavenly Stars Come Out For Lynne Palmer's PROSPERITY SIGNS." They wrote “At a recent publication party for the May release PROSPERITY SIGNS……author Lynne Palmer was congratulated by her friend and client Mickey Rooney. Actor Rooney called PROSPERITY SIGNS "A book that will help everyone find the financial security that we all are i search of." The book which completely sold out at the B. Dalton publication party provides invaluable financial analysis and advice according to each sign of the zodiac, with an in-depth look at the effect of the heavenly bodies on inflation and pertinent economic trends. To be syndicated by the Los Angeles Times later this year, PROSPERITY SIGNS is also endorsed by E.F. Hutton. Author Lynne Palmer, a noted astrologer of more than 20 years, has written several astrology books and has a thriving astrology business."

Dell book publisher----The Dell Dateline: July 26, 1982, headline---"Dial-An-Author." They wrote "This month, The Dell Dateline's "Dian-an - Author features noted astrologer Lynne Palmer, author of SIGNS FOR SUCCESS….an original August release. Palmer's latest title provides an in-depth at how to get ahead in business through astrology. Beginning with an easy-to-follow guide to determine one's Sun Sign, the book describes how to achieve optimum interaction with bosses, employees, co-workers and clients. This handy volume also reveals one's real assets and weaknesses and offers advice on how and when to take the next step up the ladder of success.

Lynne Palmer has been a professional astrologer for 24 years. She is endorsed by, among others, Mickey Rooney, Diane Von Furstenberg and E.F. Hutton. Palmer has written numerous other works including Dell's popular PROSPERITY SIGNS…which was released in May 1981. In addition, the author was a columnist for Self-Magazine and House Beautiful. To arrange an interview with Lynne Palmer to discuss the effect of Sun Signs on one's business success please contact Genya Bernstein, Dell Publicity office, 212-605-3437.

Letter section of OFF BEAT, March-April 1985. This is a Personal column of member activities in and out of AFTRA’S jurisdiction. To be included, send a note to STAND BY in care of Dick Moore and Associates……" (Note: AFTRA is American Federation of Television and Radio Artist's which Lynne Palmer is a member.) "Raves are piling up for Lynne Palmer's DO-IT-YOURSELF PUBLICITY DIRECTORY, which includes how to write news and press releases, how to make the initial contact with radio and TV shows, how to dress, use make-up and talk on radio and TV shows, in addition to addresses, phone numbers and contacts for radio, TV, newspapers, periodicals, lecture bureaus, book review syndicates, news services, feature syndicates, columnists, commentators and ad agencies. Lynne, a professional astrologer for 28 years, an international consultant, writer, lecturer, teacher, columnist and researcher, obviously takes her own advice since her TV appearances ---local, national and international---are too many to mention, as are the radio shows she's been heard on and the major newspapers and magazines that have interviewed her……."

WESTERN STATES ASTROLOGY (Research Group Newsletter), November-December 1989. Column "From The Mailbox." Editor Jeanette Glenn. NOTE all facts given in phone interview were checked out through parties mentioned. An undisclosed, reliable source gave facts below to Editor Glenn 10/14. "I was pretty sure Newsletter editor knew nothing about Personal Vignette between Palmer & Davis who knew each other well & Lynne did Bette Davis' astrology---work in NYC (where Lynne lives), which proves her interest was more than passing in stellar art. In the early 60's Lynne was to be a guest on show "WHAT'S MY LINE?" Arlene Francis, Tony Randall, Bennett Cerf and Dorothy Kilgallen) were on the panel which was filmed in NYC at NBC. The panel could not "guess" Lynne Palmer's "line of work." When Lynne left the stage she encountered Bette Davis (who was walking in the other direction. Davis was the big attraction on the show, being its MYSTERY GUEST. Davis approached Lynne saying "You were simply great! I want you to do my horoscope!" and that is how they met.

A few years later at NBC, Johnny Carson's Show (NYC/NY) where it was filmed then, Lynne was escorting Syd Omarr (from Hollywood, CA) who was to be a guest on Carson's show. The NBC studio was huge and Omarr didn't know where the "make-up" room was. Arriving at the make-up room, Bette was in a chair being made up for another TV show. Bette Davis saw Lynne and told her to come in and sit down so they could have a gab-fest. Thus poor Omarr was left outside while they renewed their old acquaintance (Davis & Palmer)! Imagine my surprise to see their names linked together in Newsletter! "


GIVEAWAY: September 16, 2003. Full color page: Headline---"Moneymaking Secrets from Hollywood's Adviser To The Stars." The article was about Lynne Palmer and the Giveaway of her book "Money Magic."

September 29, 2004. Full color page: Headline--- "Get Ready for 2005." The article was about Lynne Palmer and the Giveaway of her book “Astrological Almanac For 2005."


New York, January 1969

Life, September 26, 1969, article “Now It Can Be Foretold."

OGGI (Milan, Italy), August 5, 1981. Title of article in Italian (“I Quattro Astrologhi piu Famosi Del Mondo Leggono il Futuro Degli Sposi Dell Ano." The interview was about the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I said that they were not compatible and the marriage would not last. (The interview was given soon after their wedding.)

People (weekly magazine), February 17, 1986, column: "Picks & Pans."

New Woman May 1988

Forbes, October 16, 1995; Editor William G. Flanagan; Title "Which Are The Lucky Stars?"

Newsweek, June 23, 1997, Reporters: Kendall Hamilton and Steve Rhodes; column 2000 The Millennium Notebook, heading "What The Stars Say; Floods, Sex and Bette Midler."

VEJA (Brazilian magazine)


"TWICE OVER LIGHTLY": authors Helen Hayes, Anita Loos. Published in 1972. Helen Hayes was an actress who won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award. She was known as The First Lady of the American Theatre; a Broadway theatre was named after her. Anita Loos, author, screenwriter and playwright was best known for her "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" book which became a Broadway show starring Carol Channing and a movie starring Marilyn Monroe. She authored "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes." Anita wrote 100 silent film scripts for D.W. Griffith and later films for Jean Harlow and other stars. Lynne Palmer is in the chapter "Blowing Our Minds." The interview in New York City consists of five pages.

"LOVELY ME: The Life of Jacqueline Susann." Author Barbara Seaman. Published in 1987. Jacqueline Susann was the author of 5 books that were turned into movies. Her biggest hit was "Valley of The Dolls." In Chapter 19 “Jackie Strikes Back" is a photo of Jackie’s horoscope cast by Lynne Palmer. In Chapter 30, "Beyond the Valley" is the interview with Lynne talking about Jacqueline's horoscope and Joe. E. Lewis. There is a photo in the book of Lynne Palmer and Joe. E. Lewis taken at the Friars Club in NYC. At the time Lynne dated Joe. E Lewis, she did not know that Jackie had been in love with him for years. Lynne met Jackie at the Stork Club in New York City. Jacqueline came over to the table where Lynne and Joe. E. we’re sitting, She glared at Lynne because she was jealous that Joe. E. preferred Lynne and not her. At that time Lynne did not know those years, previously, Jackie and Joe E. had dated. It seems that Jackie never got over the fact that Joe E. Lewis was never interested in her.

"YEARS OF MINUTES: THE BEST OF ROONEY FROM 60 MINUTES: published October 15, 2003.Author Andy Rooney was a radio and television writer who was known for his wry, humorous and contentious television essays on the weekly television show "60 Minutes." He went to Lynne Palmer's apartment in NYC and interviewed her. Then later he appeared on the "60 Minutes" TV show and talked about his interview with Lynne Palmer and, as part of his commentary, he expressed his skeptical views of astrology. Years later, he wrote (in previously mentioned book, published in October 2003) about his interview with Lynne Palmer and his disbelief in astrology. The following is an excerpt:

" ROONEY: The other day I asked Lynne Palmer, an astrologist in New York City, what she thinks is coming up for President Reagan in the immediate future.
LYNNE PALMER: Starting the fifteenth of this month, he's got some upsets in, you know, with astrology and the whole thing.
ROONEY: What kind of thing do you think is apt to happen?
LYNNE PALMER: Well, you know, he's got a lot of shocks and surprises and he may not be as charming as normal. He may be a little erratic, coming up from the fifteenth of this month to the fifteenth of next month.
ROONEY: But you're comfortable having the United States guided by a man who takes advice from astrologists?
LYNNE PALMER: Well, I think he's a wonderful President."

"MISS RHYTHM---THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF RUTH BROWN RHYTHM & BLUES LEGEND. “Authors: Ruth Brown and Andrew Yule, published in 1996. Page 333, about how she met Lynne Palmer and Lynne's predictions which later came true.

Pages 333 and 339, anecdotes.

Note: Not mentioned in the book: Lynne Palmer and Ruth Brown became roommates for 1 and a half years while Ruth was performing on Broadway in "Black and Blue. Lynne predicted that Ruth would win the Tony Award and many other awards which occurred.

'THE MIRACLE WORKERS." Author Gary Williams, published in 2018. Chapter 51, "Lynne Palmer---Astrologer To The Stars." The entire chapter is devoted to the interview with Lynne Palmer.

“THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE--THE MYSTERY OF PRECOGNITION." Author Gary Williams. Published June 2019. The Foreword is written by Lynne Palmer. Chapter 7, "The Stars Impel" contains an interview with Lynne Palmer.

ASTROLOGIE VERSTANDLICH, Author Hans Holzer, published 1976 in Germany.

"SIGNS OF LOVE and GLORY," Author Hans Holzer, published in 1979. Hans Holzer, known as "The Ghost Hunter,” wrote over 125 books, Professor of Parapsychology. He interviewed Lynne Palmer in the Chapter, "Commercial Astrologers." The interview consists of four pages.

"ASTROLOGY WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU, " Author Hans Holzer interview in book. Published in 1975

"PSYCHIC YELLOW PAGES, " Author Hans Holzer, gives credits of Lynne Palmer with her photo. Published 2001.

“A TIME FOR ASTROLOGY," author, Jess Stearn mentions Lynne Palmer.

"WRITE YOUR OWN HOROSCOPE,” Author Joe Goodavage mentions Lynne Palmer.

"ASTROLOGY IS STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS," Author Jeannette Y. Glenn, Lynne Palmer, with photo, is called a Sagittarius bird. Published 1971.

“WHO’S WHO United States DIRECTORY--PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGERS, “Author Jeannette, Y. Glenn, published 1985, photo and bio of Lynne Palmer.


GARY JAMES, interviewer-----headline "Lynne Palmer Interview---"Astrologer To The Stars."

Huffington Post, Interviewer Alexandra Holzer, November 27, 2017 and updated December 6, 2017-- headline "Famed Celebrity Astrologer Lynne Palmer Charts Futures--Explains Past."


In books: "LOVE BOAT" By Geraldine Saunders; "MY ONE GOOD NERVE" by Ruby Dee


"WOMEN'S ASTROLOGY" by Tiffany Holmes


: " ASTROLOGICAL ALMANAC FOR 1978" in the London Sunday Mirror, published December 4, 1977 and December 11, 1977 (two double pages each week titled, "1978 AND YOU," with Lynne Palmer interview, photo and excerpts from said book. Also published in Johannesburg, South Africa. SAN ANTONIO LIGHT newspaper. "Living Today Section." Book PROSPERITY SIGNS. Excerpts from book published 4 days in a row" ---March 28, 1982-title "Prosperity Signs; ": March 29, 1982, title "How To Handle Your Money;" March 30, 1982, title : Investing By The Stars;" March 31, 1982, title "Choosing The Right Job."


Note: The following columns were written by Lynne Palmer:

Keyhole magazine: January 17, 1964--column "Keyhole-Scope."

Keyhole magazine: January 25, 1964--column "Sex-a-scope"

Self magazine: Starting with August 1979, every month for one year--column “Your Future Horoscope."

House Beautiful magazine: Starting with April 1981, every month for one year-- column "HB Look Out: Your Decorating Horoscope."

Diet & Exercise magazine, Spring issue; column "Your Diet Horoscope."

Globe tabloid, September 2, 1986, column "Lucky Numbers and Dates --For September."

National Enquirer tabloid, December 8, 1987, column Forecast--"What To Buy For Christmas? Look To The Stars."

National Enquirer tabloid, June 10, 1989, column "Your Horoscope For 1989."

National Enquirer tabloid, November 16, 1993 column "How To Use Your Horoscope For The Perfect Gift."

National Enquirer tabloid, February 1, 1994, column "Horoscopes For Love."

National Enquirer tabloid, May 31, 1994, column "Have The Best Vacation of Your Life."

National Enquirer tabloid, December 13, 1994, column "How To Handle Your Boss."

National Enquirer tabloid, April 11, 1995. Column “How Astrology Can Help You Beat Stress."

National Enquirer tabloid, June 20, 1994, column “How To Use Your Horoscope To Find The Ideal Job."

Welt Am Sonntag, (German newspaper every Sunday which is circulated all over Germany.) Column December 1988, "Horoscope For 1989;" Column December 1990."Horoscope For 1991;" Column December 1991 "Horoscope For 1992;"

Column December 1992, "Horoscope For 1993:” Column December 1993, "Horoscope For1994;" Column December 31, 1995 "Horoscope For 1996."

Manhattan Arts magazine, (NYC), January-February 1993 "Art Stars"---Art 1993 column "An Astrological Forecast For Each Zodiac Sign."

Fusion Arts magazine (NYC), April 1983; Column "Astrology And The Arts."

Fusion Arts magazine (NYC), 1983, Column "What The Stars Hold For A Star." (A forecast about Elizabeth Taylor.)


"STAR SIGNS '86." Produced and distributed by MCA (Music Corporation of America), Filmed in Hollywood, California. There were 12 video's (one for each zodiac sign) that Lynne Palmer appeared on camera giving a daily forecast for one year for each zodiac sign. Miss Palmer was the first astrologer to do horoscopes on video. Sold in record stores. They were promoted in newspapers, magazines and by Lynne Palmer appearing on local and national television shows.


The Johnny Carson "TONIGHT" show taped in NYC December 20, 1963 Guests were Joel Grey, Della Reese and Lynne Palmer who was the first astrologer on the "Tonight" show. Lynne was promoting her record Album (kit) "Cast Your Horoscope" which was 2 LP’s and an instruction booklet.

For eight and a half years before his death, Miss Palmer dated Joe. E. Lewis. They were constantly coming into contact with Johnny Carson such as in the same elevator or would see him at the Friars Club (A private club for entertainers.) On every meeting, conversations were exchanged' thus. They became well acquainted. At the time, Johnny gave Lynne a quote, "You're the prettiest astrologer I have ever seen."

Years later, on one occasion, Sydney Omarr (the astrologer writer), was to appear on the "Tonight" show and asked Lynne to accompany him to the taping of the show. After Sydney left the make-up room, he escorted Lynne down the hall to a back office where he told her she had to sit while he was a guest on the "Tonight" show. Omarr and Lynne walked by Carson's office and Johnny jumped up from his desk chair and ran to the hallway shouting, "Lynne Palmer, where do you think you are going?"

Lynne responded, "This is Sydney Omarr who is going to be a guest on your show and he said I could not sit in the Green Room. He told me that I had to watch the show from a back office."

Johnny said, "No you don't have to go to any back office. I want you to sit in the Green Room." And Lynne sat there with another guest for the show, Arthur Godfrey, who told her he did not believe in astrology.

"WHAT"S MY LINE? “March 1964, panel consisted of Tony Randall, Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis and Dorothy Kilgallen. The panel could not guess that Lynne Palmer was an astrologer. Bette Davis was the Mystery Guest. When Lynne finished her segment, and behind the scenes, Bette excitedly exclaimed “Lynne, I thought you were great! I want you to do my horoscope."

"THE YOUNG SET" taped in NYC October 1965. Host: Phyllis Kirk, ABC TV. The show was for today's ideas, today's stars, and today's need.

"THE ALAN BURKE" show taped in 1966. A local show that was syndicated on National television. Alan Burke was a conservative TV and Radio talk show host who insulted and put-down his guests. Lynne Palmer defended herself and talked back to him by, quickly, putting him down in front of the TV audience.

FOR WOMEN ONLY, taped November 1969 in NYC was syndicated on national television. The hostess was Aline Saarinen who was a well-known art and architecture critic. She was married to the famous Finnish architect Eero Saarinen who made a name for himself when he designed the Washington, D.C Dulles airport and the TWA Airport in NYC. Aline was a gracious hostess who treated her guests with respect.

ABC NIGHTLY NEWS, February 13, 1970. Roger Grimsby, the anchor man, interviewed Lynne Palmer in her apartment in the summer of 1969. He asked about her views of Friday the 13th superstition. The interview did not go on the air until Friday, February 13, 1970. Lynne was listening to the 11:00 pm news and heard her name mentioned and Roger Grimsby talking to her. He asked, if she was superstitious about Friday, the 13th?

On the air, Lynne responded with, “I am not superstitious about anything." (And to herself at home, she said, "That's right, I am not superstitious--my mother has not died."

Note: The next morning, Lynne received a call from Los Angeles telling her that her mother died the day before on Friday the 13th (of February).

GOOD MORNING AMERICA Television show, filmed in NYC. Lynne Palmer's photo and a blurb about her appeared on the show in the late 1970's.

CBS NEWS NIGHT WATCH Television show filmed in NYC, Lynne appeared as a guest in the early 1980's.

JOE FRANKLIN- syndicated television show, filmed in NYC then later it was taped in New Jersey. Joe Franklin was the host of this TV show, as well as his daily radio show. He was an institution and this show was one of the longest running talk shows (40 years).

In the 1980's, Lynne Palmer was a guest several times a year. On one of his TV shows, just as the taping was to start, he surprised Lynne by asking her to be his co-host on that show. Miss Palmer had never been an interviewer. but the experience went well and was enjoyed.

Every time Joe saw Lynne he told her he wanted to produce a radio show for her. He was a Pisces (they make promises and never as a rule keep their word). Lynne would say to him, "Is that a Pisces promise?"

And Joe would answer, "Yes." (He did not know that Pisces does not always fulfill a promise---- for years, it became a running joke between them.)

On one show, the guest was Jake LaMotta, the middleweight boxer whose story was told in the movie "The Raging Bull." While being interviewed by Joe Franklin, he sat next to Lynne and interrupted Joe by asking Miss Palmer to marry him. Of course, Lynne declined--it was the first time she met him.

GERALDO: A syndicated NYC daytime TV talk show hosted by Geraldo Riviera. Geraldo was a tabloid talk show host, reporter, attorney and actor. His show featured controversial guests and was called "Trash TV” by Newsweek and two senators. In the late 1980's Lynne appeared on the show.


In NYC Lynne Palmer appeared on the TV show BEST TALK IN TOWN with Ruth Brown, the singer and star of the Broadway musical "Black and Blue."

Also in NYC, Miss Palmer appeared on MIDDAY LIVE.

In the 1970's and 1980's, Lynne Palmer toured the USA and appeared on many morning talk shows, such as in California--SUN UP (San Diego), THE MORNING SHOW, AM SAN FRANCISCO, and the NEWS (San Francisco); AM Los Angeles. In Minnesota: TWIN CITIES TODAY (St, Paul), WHAT'S NEW (Minneapolis), GOOD COMPANY (St, Paul).

In Detroit, Michigan KELLY & CO. (several years in a row); PITTSBURGH TODAY; In Cleveland, Ohio, 43 AM and the AM MORNING SHOW (several years in a row); MIDDAY NEWS in Cincinnati; In Portland, Oregon- AM NORTHWEST; In Seattle --GOOD COMPANY; Tulsa, Oklahoma DAYLINE; In Phoenix, Arizona-- MIDDAY NEWS; PEOPLE ARE TALKING (Boston and in Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore, PEOPLE ARE TALKING SHOW, Lynne appeared on many times, "before" Oprah Winfrey was a co-host.

In 1982 and 1983, Lynne appeared on the PEOPLE ARE TALKING TV show in Baltimore, Maryland. On one of Miss Palmer’s appearances, Oprah Winfrey was the co-host with Richard Sher. Miss Palmer was the only guest for one hour with a live audience. She gave instructions on how to get more money by doing her Law of Abundance check gimmick. In between taping, the commercials gave time for Lynne and Oprah to chat off- camera. Oprah asked Lynne what she could tell her about her future. Lynne did not have Oprah's horoscope but based on the slow-moving daily planets she told Oprah that her entire life was soon changing for the better. It was not long after that when Oprah left the Baltimore show and went to Chicago to host the AM CHICAGO TV show.

In August 1985, Oprah asked the talent coordinator to call Lynne Palmer and book her for the Chicago show on January 1st, 1986. He told Lynne that Oprah wanted Lynne to give instructions for her check gimmick. Lynne could not appear on that day, because she was already booked by the MCA (Music Corporation of America) PR firm to promote her videos on two shows (one in Baltimore and the other in Pittsburgh) that day.

Note: It is most likely that Oprah wrote Lynne's check gimmick after co-hosting, and, meeting Miss Palmer, on the "People Are Talking" television show. Soon after that, Oprah went to Chicago to audition for the "AM Chicago" television show. The rest is history because Oprah's luck changed. She became rich and famous.

If she did Lynne's check gimmick that could be the reason she had the talent coordinator of the AM Chicago show (later changed to The Oprah Show) contact Miss Palmer to appear on the 1986 New Year's Day show.

In June 1984, Lynne appeared on The PEOPLE ARE TALKING television show in Baltimore. That day on the television show, as usual, Lynne gave instructions for her check gimmick to the live audience and at -home viewers. One of the at-home viewers told her neighbors how to write the Check Gimmick. The couple both had health issues and money problems. The man wrote his check following Lynne's instructions. Within a few days, he won the Million Dollar Lottery. This received newspaper coverage.

In July 1984, the lottery winner appeared on THE PEOPLE ARE TALKING television show and stated that he attributed his winning to the Lynne Palmer check gimmick.


In England, on BBC television, the Science series "COSMOS “which was shown for many years all over the U.K. Taped in NYC.

In January 1982, RAI-TV (Italy) an interview with Lorenzo Penna; it was a documentary about astrology. Taped in NYC

The TV show “FANTASTICO." Taped in NYC for Brazilian television.

Three Japanese television shows taped in NYC; the shows were seen all over Japan for many years. "TV NEWS" (Nippon channel). "DO WE REALLY NEED IT?" (ASAHI channel) and "THE WORLD IS CALLING" (Uranai channel). The first 2 shows were taped in Lynne's apartment.

THE WORLD IS CALLING took a day to film--it was about "A day in Lynne's life" in Lynne's apartment and on location. Inside her apartment, Lynne was filmed doing an interview with the TV reporter, giving a reading to a client and Lynne brushing her dog's hair.

The filming continued outdoors with Lynne walking her dog down the street. Then later. Lynne was taped inside a limousine with a camera man in the front seat and Lynne sitting in the back seat. At the same time, there was a van on the left side of the limousine, with open doors and a camera crew filming Lynne all the way to the "Tavern On The Green" restaurant in Central Park.


The LONG JOHN NEBLE show in NYC January 6, 1964

Dr. Eden Grays “BLUEPRINTS FOR LIVING “show in NYC December 19, 1964

The Candy Barr talk radio show in NYC in the 1960's.

"THE FITZGERALDS"--a Family-Style show with Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald. She was known as "The First Lady of Chatter." Their show consisted of daily newspaper topics, interviews, gossip, and arguments between the couple. It was on for 42 years and became an institution in NYC. They broadcast from their apartment in New York City overlooking Central Park.

Lynne was a guest for years in the 1960's and 1970's. After her husband, Ed, died, Pegeen continued on alone. She was a cat lover who owned two apartments in the same building: one apartment was for the cats and the other apartment was where they lived and did their broadcasts.

Pegeen owned an island near NYC that could only be reached by boat. On the private island she had a house built for the hundreds of cats who lived there. She hired caretakers who fed the cats and kept the house clean.

For over 30 years In NYC and Las Vegas, LYNNE PALMER was interviewed on hundreds of radio shows from all parts of the USA and Canada. These radio interviews were broadcast from her apartment and were over the telephone.

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