Astrological Almanac for the Year 2023
by Lynne Palmer

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The One & Only Original Astrological Almanac for 2023
A Unique Approach To Planning Your Life Day-By-Day
Do You Know?
Everything in life is in the timing?
The wrong timing can be costly?
Why fires, accidents, airplane crashes occur?
Why a show, business or restaurant opens — then folds?
Why do some marriages fail?
Why does an art Exhibit at one time produce few sales and yet at another time the SAME paintings are a sell out?
Look around and you’ll see that there’s no other book like it in the world! The Astrological Almanac is complete with tips on each of the Zodiac signs, this book allows you to TIME your activities to your best advantage. No need to search for information, this book lists everything from A
(Acquisitions) to Y (Yoga) that tells you when to plan anything from having your hair cut, beauty treatments, major surgery or traveling. When you want to know the best time to do anything, merely consult the Astrological almanac that lists the events of modern life.

Part One
Sun Sign Section — features for each sign:

Colors - Number - Day - Talismanic Gems - Stones - Metallic Element - Music - Perfumes - Flowers - Books - Herbs - Fashions - Gifts - Cell Salts Climate - Physical or Non-Physical Senses - Part of Land and Country - Compatibility (with each sign) - What One Attracts Living In A City - Ruled By A Particular Zodiac Sign - Forecast For The Year - Best Period For Romance - Best Dates For Sex

Part Two
No math involved. No knowledge of astrology is needed. An easy-to-use 500 categories.


Move - Travel - Advertise - Look For A Job - Gamble - Sign A Contract - Open A Business - Start Legal Matters - Beautify - Give/Attend Parties - Buy and Sell Real Estate - Apply For Credit - Take Exams, Tests, Study - Collect Debts - Date, Romance, Marry - Engage In Sports Activities - Get Pregnant - Start A Diet - Have Surgery - Have Dental Work - Ask For A Raise - Take Lessons -Buy Everything from A (Antiques) to W (Wood) - Excerpt from the - Astrological Almanac for 2001

Documented Air Crashes thru the Years
Since 1982, 100 (perhaps more) documented disasters in the air occurred that coincided with the dates under Avoid: Travel By Air in the Astrological Almanac. The most notable ones were: TWA Jet mid-air explosion (1996), Pakistan Crash (1998), Pan Am 747 exploded in flames over Scotland (1988), the Worst Polish Air Disaster (1987), Korean Jet left USA, shot down by Russians (1983), Iran Plane Crash (1997), Egyptian Jet Hijacked (1985), Beirut Plane Hijacked (1985), Swiss Airline Crast over Nova Scotia Coast (1999).

How does the Almanac work for everyone?
The planets rule various ventures, such as Mars is Accidents, Surgery, Aggressive Action, Fires, Arguments, Sex, Sports, Activities (competitive). Thus, these Daily positions (favorable and unfavorable) are taken into consideration for the activity they rule. Everyone is involved because the planets in the sky are affecting every individual. You can choose and plan future events around the type of activities they govern. The Moon is in a different sign of the Zodiac every two and one-half days; thus, each sign has a different venture which the moon and planets rule.

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QUOTES - Astrological Almanac 

“I’m overwhelmed by the number of references and cross references. I’m awed by the tremendous amount of work, and especially by the knowledge, that makes this book (Astrological Almanac) possible.”
Ruby Dee, Actress

"I love your book... I think Lynne Palmer can give you real insight."
Mickey Rooney, Actor

“If I had the aid of Lynne Palmer’s Astrological Almanac years ago, it would not have taken so long to walk those steps to receive my Tony award.”
Ruth Brown, Actress, Singer, Tony & Grammy Award Winner

“I’ve never read a book (Astrological Almanac) with so much useful information simply arranged, so I can put my finger on it quickly. I absolutely recommend it.”
Hans Holzer, Author

“No more do we need to ask, “When should I do this…??? When should I do that…??? Lynne Palmer eases any quandry we may have by giving the best day to do the many chores, and take the actions, which fulfill our daily lives.”
Doris Chase Doane, Author, President, American Federation of Astrologers

“Lynne Palmer is bright, beautiful, talented, a skilled astrologer and her Almanac is provocative, informative and a valuable addition to the popular astrological literature of the day.”
Sydney Omarr, Astrologer, Syndicated Columnist

According to Gail Howard (the foremost lottery expert in the world, author of the “Lottery Master Guide” and numerous other books), in her column for New York’s Weekly Lottery News, “Life is difficult enough. And I, for one, welcome anything that makes my life easier. It certainly lessens stress to know in advance when to schedule a specific activity to get the best results - also, to be aware of potentially troublesome dates. Lynne Palmer’s Astrological Almanac does just that.”

“Even if you are not an avid believer in astrology, we believe that this book could be of valuable assistance to you in a world where there are not always explanations of why events or mishaps occur in our lives.”
Texas Lotto Guide

“The Astrological Almanac has something for everyone (a complete Sun Sign synopsis) but a lot for the practicing Professional… date information for determining the best time for practically any venture. Written somewhat in the form of the Farmer’s Almanac it deals with everyday questions… Topics include… beauty treatments, real estate, money… the list goes on and on. A real time saver for the busy professional.”
Astro Notes, Professional Astrologers, Inc.

“It is the most thoughtful gift one can find for young people… supplies them with a daily good habit.”
Anita Loos, Author, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Twice Over Lightly and over 200 scenarios for MGM and D. W. Griffith

“Lynne Palmer’s Astrological Almanac is very useful for show business believers.”
Earl Wilson, Syndicated Columnist

“I have to trust myself with my animals . . . and I also trust Lynne Palmer.” “I think everyone should have the Astrological Almanac so their life runs smoother.”
Gunther-Gebel-Williams, Wild-animal trainer - star of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

"The Almanac is an amazing guide... nothing seems to be missing. It's a necessary reference to those who are seeking answers to today's challenges."
Kathleen Karter, Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive

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