By Lynne Palmer

There are no written horoscopes. Readings are on cassette tapes.


I NOW do Phone Readings, but you must record the reading on your cell phone, because it is a lot of information and takes about 1 hour for me to give you the reading. All, phone readings are set up in advance. Phone readings are done for all types of horoscopes (Natal, Future, Solar Returns etc. Often I can make an appointment the day after you contact me with your birth information (day, month, year, time and place of birth).

For payment, see below.

If you order a horoscope on C.D.s, add $10 to be shipped (2-3 day postal priority mail).


A Natal Chart consists of the characteristics you were born with, how you think and react in all phases of life, i.e., love, marriage, children, money, investments, friends, travel, education, hobbies, amusements, work and the type of career you are best suited for.

FUTURE HOROSCOPES - 6 Months $77; 1 Year $129; 2 Years $158

The reading consists of love, marriage, children, money, investments, career, work, job changes, moving, health, travel, amusements, some gambling and stock market information and whatever else you want to know about.

Note: if you want a Natal and One Year Reading, it is $165; a Natal and 2 Year Reading is $213.

GAMBLING HOROSCOPES - 3 Months daily $75; 6 months daily $140; 1 year Daily $198

Daily dates are listed on paper and circled in black ink for fair dates, red ink for iffy dates (both good and bad on the same day) and green ink for Super Good dates to win.


This is a map of the world with lines that cross and curve through cities, states and countries. At the end of the lines are planets that cross these places and indicate places, which are lucky and unlucky for you. This is based upon your day, month, year, time and place of birth.


Are you compatible with your loved one, friend, partner, boss or a particular relative? Find out by having your horoscope compared with another’s. This is not a Sun sign reading but consists of your planets within one degree of the other person’s planets as well as the areas of life in which you affect one another.


A Solar Return Chart is based upon the transiting Sun’s annual return on your birthday to the same degree, minute and sign as it was in when you were born. It is for the city where you presently reside unless specified differently; i.e., if you want to move from NYC to Los Angeles (and were born in Chicago), specify you want it for Los Angeles. A Solar Return chart points out highlights of what to expect in a particular locale during the coming year (from one birthday to the next).

STOCK MARKET CHARTS - 3 Months Daily $75; 6 Months Daily $140; Year Daily $198

Your best daily dates for buying and selling stock based upon your individualized horoscope (day, month, year, time and place of birth). All forecasts are done on paper and start a week after being mailed, unless you specify the date you want it to begin.

LUNAR RETURNS - $50 for each month and city

A Lunar Return Chart is based upon the transiting Moon’s monthly return to the same degree, minute and sign as it was in when you were born. It is for the city where you presently reside in. A Lunar Return shows the various highlights each month that you should utilize for success; they indicate money, the job, publicity, partners, etc. Note: Your own horoscope is first in importance, but Solar and Lunar Return charts indicate areas that your horoscope lacks — they are “the missing links” — the “icing on the cake.”

TRANSITS - $100 for 3 Months

Transits are the daily positions of the planets. Transits are used for the best days to travel or for romance and many other subjects, such as: Accidents (days when you have an aspect for them); Romance (best days to date); asking for raises, seeking employment, etc. These specific subjects are not on tape — they are on paper with the dates circled accordingly.


Business and/or Marriage charts are selected when the planets are favorable to open a business and.or get married.

Note: Prices vary, a deposit of $150 is required which is the price for Two hours of labor. However, a refund is given if is less than the two hours of labor.

Ordering Horoscopes

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