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CHART COMPARISONS -Horoscope Price List
Are you compatible with your loved one, friend, partner, boss or a particular relative? Find out by having your horoscope compared with another’s. This is not a Sun sign reading but consists of your planets within one degree of the other person’s planets as well as the areas of life in which you affect one another. Note: If the other person’s birth time and place is unknown, the fee is $75.00 to compare your horoscope to the planets of the other person.

Your best daily dates for buying and selling stock based upon your individualized horoscope (day, month, year, time and place of birth). All forecasts are done on paper and start a week after being mailed, unless you specify the date you want it to begin.

CONSULTATIONS -Horoscope Price List
Telephone consultations are for Lynne Palmer’s clients whose charts are current. All readings are timed; you mail the check after the telephone consultation.
7 minutes $ 10.00 - 15 minutes $18.00 - 30 minutes $37.00 - 1 hour $75.00

Shown are the various highlights each month, which indicate harmony, discord and energy (vitality) in relation to money, the job, promotions, partners, publicity, etc. A detailed “Special Career” chart for one year using a yearly Solar Return and monthly Lunar Returns. $230.00 for One Year

SPECIAL LOVE CHARTS -Horoscope Price List
Shown are the various highlights each month in relation to your love life and mate; they indicate where the emphasis is and how you are doing with love. For example, “Is marriage in the offing? How do you fare? What can you expect?” A detailed “Special Love” chart for one year using a yearly Solar Return and monthly Lunar Returns. $230.00 for One Year

ASTRO CARTO GRAPHY MAP -Horoscope Price List
This is a map of the world with lines that cross and curve through cities, states and countries. At the end of the lines are planets that cross these places and indicate places, which are lucky and unlucky for you. This is based upon your day, month, year, time and place of birth.

Business and Marriage charts are selected when the planets in the sky are favorable to open a business or get married. Labor $37.00 for one half hour; $75.00 for one hour. The total price may be less or more than the hourly or half-hour fee, depending upon length of time involved to get a “perfect” horoscope.

TRANSITS -Horoscope Price List
Transits are the daily positions of the planets. Transits are used for the best days to travel or for romance and many other subjects, such as: Accidents (days when you have an aspect for them); Romance (best days to date); asking for raises, seeking employment, etc. These specific subjects are not on tape — they are on paper with the dates circled accordingly. The price for this service is $100.00 for 3 months.

NATAL HOROSCOPE -Horoscope Price List
A Natal Chart consists of the characteristics you were born with, how you think and react in all phases of life, i.e., love, marriage, children, money, investments, friends, travel, education, hobbies, amusements, work and the type of career you are best suited for.

FUTURE HOROSCOPE -Horoscope Price List
Forecasts consist of the same areas covered in the natal reading with present and future dates given for these events. You are informed of negative conditions that may be probable and how to handle and use them to your advantage.

SOLAR RETURN -Horoscope Price List
A Solar Return Chart is based upon the transiting Sun’s annual return on your birthday to the same degree, minute and sign as it was in when you were born. It is for the city where you presently reside unless specified differently; i.e., if you want to move from NYC to Los Angeles (and were born in Chicago), specify you want it for Los Angeles. A Solar Return chart points out highlights of what to expect in a particular locale during the coming year (from one birthday to the next).

LUNAR RETURN -Horoscope Price List
A Lunar Return Chart is based upon the transiting Moon’s monthly return to the same degree, minute and sign as it was in when you were born. It is for the city where you presently reside in. A Lunar Return shows the various highlights each month that you should utilize for success; they indicate money, the job, publicity, partners, etc. Note: Your own horoscope is first in importance, but Solar and Lunar Return charts indicate areas that your horoscope lacks — they are “the missing links” — the “icing on the cake.”

Daily dates are listed on paper and circled in black ink for fair dates, red ink for iffy dates (both good and bad on the same day) and green ink for Super Good dates to win.

All horoscopes are done by mail must be paid for in advance. Send a check or money order payable to: Lynne Palmer; or use a Credit Card. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Please give credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code. No C.O.D.’s. When submitting the fee, please include the birth information: Day, Month, Year, Place and Exact Time of Birth. The time of birth should be to the minute and preferably taken from the birth certificate, hospital records, baby book or family bible. If the exact time of birth is unknown, write to the Department of Vital Statistics in the city of birth or state capital where you were born. A fee is charged, call for price. In many states the time of birth is not automatically placed on the birth certificate; after 1930 most states recorded it because the law required it. Many hospitals retain microfilm copies therefore check this source too.

All clients will receive a copy of their horoscopes. There are NO written reports. All readings are on a Fuji brand normal bias cassette tape, furnished by Lynne Palmer. All tapes are tested during the taping. If there are breaks or mechanical problems (due to your faulty machine, etc.) Lynne Palmer is NOT responsible. Re-tapings are between $70 and $90 (depending upon which sections need to be redone) for the Natal and 1 or 2-year forecasts. The cassette-taped horoscope is sent Priority Mail via the Post Office. Foreign country orders are sent by Postal Global Priority (where available) or First Class Mail. The horoscope is spoken in English; however, if Spanish is desired, request it. If astrological terms (planets, aspects, etc.) are desired, request it. The price is the same regardless of the language spoken or whether astrological terms are used. Gift Certificates are available. Send check, money order, or credit card information according to price list and the person’s name receiving the gift certificate. The gift certificate will be mailed to you and the holder can redeem it. Note: All prices are subject to change.

For an additional fee added to Lynne Palmer's listed price for individual horoscopes, have your cassette tape converted to a CD by a professional specialist. The cassette is taped by Miss Palmer, given to the professional, converted to a CD and Lynne sends both to you.

Tape to CD Conversion Rates:
Two year chart(2 CD's) = $15
Natal and 1 Year chart(2 CD's) =$20
Natal and 2 year chart(3 CD's) = $25

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