Astrological Treasure Map
by Lynne Palmer
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What Is An Astrological Treasure Map?

Your Astrological Treasure Map, which also has your birth information written on it, is a mental and visual aid to attract the treasures desired. When you've written your wishes in the proper houses (each house contains your "treasures"), those departments of life are enhanced with extra kinetic energy to bring them into manifestation. To understand it easier, think of your horoscope as the blue print of your soul, and thus, your Astrological Treasure Map coincides with it, thus, it enhances everything which then becomes a clear and visible print for you, or anyone else, to see. Each time you look at your filled-in (desired treasures) Astrological Treasure Map, you set forth certain kinetic powers that can help move and bring into being those treasured desired. It is the Law of Nature working just for you!

This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND booklet. This unique Astrological Treasure Map concept is not found in any other book. Order the instruction booklet and the blank Astrological Gold Chart (that you fill in) NOW!

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