Astrological Compatibility
by Lynne Palmer
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Based on this book, Lynne Palmer won the 1976 Annual Award given by Professional Astrologers for “Outstanding Contribution to the Art and Science of Astrology.”An intensive look at all the basics of Chart Comparison. In Three Parts, covered in detail.

Part One: Easy instructions on how to calculate aspects between two people’s horoscopes.

Part Two: Love (lucky?, unlucky?, your way of expressing affection); Sex (weak or strong sex drive?, your way expressing your sexual nature); Communication, ESP, Ego, Emotions and much more — your way of exchanging these traits with another person. Is your relationship going to last? Lead to Marriage or Divorce? Will debts or money be a problem? Is Companionship important? What type of person do you attract?

Part Three: The meanings of the aspects, houses, planets and how to compare them to another person’s horoscope. How the two of you affect one another. Example interpretation between the horoscopes of Jackie and J.F. Kennedy’s charts.

Quote: “Astrological Compatibility is the latest book written by Lynne, one of America’s most gifted and authoritative astrological writers. It’s three hundred and forty-five pages are already being accepted as THE test for study of astrology’s most sought after answers to client’s needs — Compatibility. It was initially offered at this summer’s Las Vegas Convention and was the most sought after and popular book, regardless of subject, in the book store. It is the BEST BET of today’s market.”
— American Federation Of Astrologers

$19 • ISBN: 0-86690-139-6 • 345 Pages

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