ABC Basic Chart Reading
by Lynne Palmer
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ABC Basic Chart Reading is a good beginner’s manual-text book. A perceptive, easy to follow guide to the basics of horoscope interpretation — the ingredients of the horoscope are discussed and explained. Covered topics include: what you are; what you feel; what you desire; what you attract; and what you work with. Additionally the detailed meanings of the aspects, houses and planets (the harmonious and discordant sides) are explained. After reading the pages of this book, you will never again be in doubt as to what each planet means. There is nothing like it anywhere in print! This book has been used for years by students, teachers, professionals, writers of astrological books and articles as well as those who just want a better understanding of their horoscope.

$20.00 • ISBN: 0-86690-136-1 • 61 Pages

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